Best of Bio Break 2013: Most anticipated new games in 2014

bestThe Best of Bio Break 2013 is a series of “end of the year” lists that talk about various forms of entertainment that I enjoyed this year.  They’re not awards, but they are ranked.  Each entry doesn’t have to be something that came out this year, but merely something I encountered this year.

wildstarToday I want to talk about what games I’m most anticipating with the new year, the games that I wish I could be playing right now:

1. WildStar

No big surprise here, right?  There’s just so much here that feels custom-tailored to what I love in MMOs: choice, colorful graphics, sci-fi western, housing, pets, and bizarre humor.  I got to play the beta and talk about it, and I can say it’s definitely the real deal in terms of what the studio’s been promising.  A lot of people have “the” upcoming MMO they’re holding out hope on, and this is mine.  Can’t wait to play it in a live environment.

2. The Walking Dead Season 2

Yup, another no-brainer.  The first season was one of the best adventure game experiences I’ve ever had, and I am excited and a little nervous to see what Clementine gets into with the next chapter.

3. EverQuest Next Landmark

With EverQuest Next pretty much not a possibility for 2014, I bet a lot of folks are going to be stampeding to Landmark for a fix.  I also bet that this is what SOE expected (Landmark probably would be largely ignored if it launched at the same time as EQN).  Still, I’m in.  The building looks kinda cool, and at least there are worlds to explore and some element of MMO progression to it all.  This will be the wild card of 2014, make no mistake, and could have a huge impact or practically none at all in the industry.

4. Wasteland 2

Early backers are in the beta and the reports are good, very good for this sequel.  I love post-apocalyptic settings and hope that this game will hit all of the marks to make it as engaging as Fallout once was for me.

5. The Sims 4

Hey, I always end up buying the new Sims games in the numbered franchise (I’ve never bought an expansion, however), for the house building if nothing else.

6. Shroud of the Avatar

Could this be the UO/Ultima sequel fans have wanted for years?  Since I’ve never really played either, I have no dog in that fight, but I do think that there’s a lot of interesting ideas going on here with the overall project feeling a lot like the early days of making MMOs instead of these bloated budget products they’ve become.  Plus, Richard Garriott’s enthusiasm is quite infectious.

4 thoughts on “Best of Bio Break 2013: Most anticipated new games in 2014

  1. C. T. Murphy December 30, 2013 / 11:59 am

    This is a very solid list. I am really hoping for a better year in MMOs, in general, and WildStar seems to be leading the charging in making that happen.

  2. Ocho December 30, 2013 / 1:00 pm

    EQNext Landmark I find fascinating, mostly because what if it flops? Little chance, but I think how well Landmark is received is going to play a lot into how well Next will be received. Will people be tired of EQNext before it is even released? Is pre-burnout even a thing?

    I’m excited for SotA, too, but I still don’t want to get too overexcited for it. In alpha, so far, it *feels* like an Ultima game of old (I can say that as there is no NDA), which is a good thing. So far, its hitting all the nostalgia chords, but its still very rough and has a long way to go before it’s fully baked.

  3. Tyler F.M. Edwards December 30, 2013 / 1:43 pm

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not greatly looking forward to the upcoming crop of MMOs. WildStar and ESO looked vaguely interesting, but them going for sub models mostly removed what little excitement I had for them. I’m mildly curious about EQ: Next (including Landmark) and Star Citizen, but I’m hardly chomping at the bit to play them.

    It’s not all negativity, though. I’m still pretty happy with the MMOs I’m currently playing, so I don’t much feel the need for new hotness. TSW’s Tokyo expansion should finally be arriving in the new year (better late than never), and I can’t imagine how that could be anything but awesome. Plus, there are some non-MMOs I’m looking forward to. Say what you will about D3, but I, for one, am psyched about Reaper of Souls. And I’m also hoping to get into the beta for Heroes of the Storm.

  4. rowan December 31, 2013 / 11:52 am

    Wildstar still intrigues. But do I really want a sub-only game after not having one for so long? I’m really looking forward to Landmark though, especially now that I’m wading into the shallow end of EQ2.

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