Syp’s 2014 geeky resolutions

sypIt’s January 1st, and because I’m a sucker for doing so, here are my geeky resolutions for this year.  I actually kept a couple of the ones I made last year (learning how to mix a podcast and focusing more on play sessions), but of course I let a lot slide by.  Can I do better this year?

1. Get serious about losing weight

The good news is that my initial weight loss from 2012-2013 has stuck.  I lost 50 pounds over six months and have kept it off mainly due to diet.  I used to be 250 and now I’m 196 or so, but I’ve also been hovering around this 200 range for the better part of 2013.  I’m tired of that because it feels like I’ve plateaued in the middle of it, and I’ve been reluctant to buy a lot of new clothes or take compliments until I get to my target goal of 160.  So this year it’s time to stop being passive (with diet) but get serious about exercising and cutting out artificial sweetners.

2. Get through at least 12 retro games from my GOG collection

I really enjoyed going through several of the titles in my collection in 2013, and I’d like to continue doing so this year.  My goal is to at least do playthroughs (partial or complete) of 12 titles this year, although I’m all for doing more if time permits.  One a month seems pretty sane.

3. Document my WildStar main’s journey

I can’t wait for WildStar’s release, particularly after getting a good amount of hands-on time with the beta, and I’m going to try to do the same thing for my adventures in that game that I do for my retro series.  That is, I want to chronicle my continuing adventures instead of sporadic reports.

4. Get my LOTRO Lore-master to level cap

Once I finish Helm’s Deep with my Captain, I’ll be returning to my Lore-master (who is dithering along in Moria).  I’d love to get her to the level cap and through all of the newer content, although she has a seriously long road ahead of her to make that happen.

5. Finish a quest completionist run in The Secret World with my Illuminati

Speaking of alts, my Illuminati in TSW is devoted to completing a checklist of all of the game’s main and side missions from start to finish.  It’s a good side project while I wait for Tokyo, at least.

6. Watch all of Fringe

Geez, this was last year’s resolution!  I still have four seasons of this show sitting on my shelf mostly unwatched.  I need to buckle down and do an episode a day or something.  Or a marathon one week.

7. Do more projects with my kids

As my toddlers are not so much toddlers any more, I recognize that they want to do more than just play all of the time.  They love doing stuff with their dad, and I don’t want to pass up opportunities to teach them and do different things with them.  So one of my resolutions is to come up with at least two projects a week that I can include my kids, from craft projects to cooking to cleaning to whatever.

8. Be a better commenter

I’ll admit it, I’m really bad at responding to comments and commenting on others’ blogs.  It’s a resolution I’ve made many times, but one that I want to keep making until I get better at it.

9. Be more organized

This is nothing new with me — I’ve been really making efforts to be more organized over the past couple of years, and it’s paid off.  But I still could use to adhere to a calendar better, to categorize my collections, and to keep more notes as to what I was doing in what games.

10. Read at least 15 novels

I read less in 2013 than I did in 2012 and 2011, which disappointed me when I realized that fact.  I’ve got a mess of books on my to-read list that keeps growing every week, and as such I’ve been devoting less time to TV watching and more to reading.  Fifteen books feels like a pretty reasonable goal, a little more than one a month, and I hope to overshoot that.


3 thoughts on “Syp’s 2014 geeky resolutions

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards January 1, 2014 / 11:47 am

    In regards to your novel reading goal, my offer of a free copy of my first book is still open if you can find the time. Alien worlds! Ancient secrets! A mildly deranged woman beating up giant magic robots with her bare hands!

  2. Ocho January 6, 2014 / 4:30 pm

    Damn that’s a list and half right there. If you even do half of that list, I’d still consider that a big win. 🙂

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