I hate January 2nd

This right here is my least-favorite time of the year.  Fall is great, what with the leaves and cider mill trips and Halloween and Thanksgiving.  December is awesome too, because there are lights and a zillion activities and a shorter work schedule and Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

But then we get to January 2nd and I sink into a momentary depression as I try to figure out what is worth living for.  Yes, yes, family, I know you’re there.  I’m just saying that this is a bummer.

January 2nd is when the holidays end for me.  Right after I’ve gotten used to a break from work and enjoying time with games and relatives, this day appears and suddenly I have to shift back into work mode.  Everything cranks back up, but it’s a reluctant crank because who wants to let go of presents and figgy pudding and sleeping in?

And what is there to look forward to?  Christmas should really be at the end of January, because from January 2nd until, say, Easter, there’s not a lot in terms of wild celebrations and huge amounts of time off.  No, on January 2nd it’s work and more work and even more work, coupled with at least three more months of cold, wet, dark winter.

Game-wise, nothing releases in January.  MMO studios are trying to recover from the break too, so there’s not much in terms of updates either.  And for those of us who need to write a lot of news, January is a black pit of nothingness.  It just sucks.

So here’s to January 2nd, may you be kicked to the curb and forgotten until this time next year.  Good riddance!


3 thoughts on “I hate January 2nd

  1. Jaedia January 2, 2014 / 10:58 am

    The Winter Blues is actually a thing. Lack of sunshine and things going on in general plus this horrid, wet weather, drags the population down. The trick is to find things to look forward to. Make events in games you play, a friend’s/family member’s birthday, or just bury your head in good, thick tomes. 😀 March comes around in no time, and with it, Spring. 🙂

  2. carson63000 January 2, 2014 / 3:39 pm

    At least here in Australia we get one more public holiday to cheer us up at the end of January (Australia Day, on January 26th).

  3. Llokki January 2, 2014 / 4:59 pm

    @carson63000 Plus it’s summer time—although with the weather we’ve been having in Melbourne, you could really argue the point, heh.

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