Neverwinter: A ravenous frosty treasure chest to call my own

astoriaYesterday marked the final day of my Neverwinter holding pattern.  Ever since the winter festival began, I effectively hit the pause button on the game, first to get the fawn companion for my cleric, and then to just have my two characters stay in the zone so that I could log in once a day and get may daily star of fortune.  18 days and 18 stars later, and I was able to buy the frosty mimic pet for each of my characters.  With that, I’m able to say goodbye to the festival and continue with my adventures.

I named the mimic Astoria (I’ve decided to start reusing City of Heroes zone names for pet names, just because) and it is quite welcome to join my Rogue on her journeys.  I really need a tanky pet to run defense from time to time, and from the skill descriptions I’m seeing, the mimic is quite tanky and taunty indeed.  Of course, it’s just a baby pet right now, barely level 4, and I’m dragging it through level 52 areas, so every fight is him gamely going up to a bad guy, taunting it with a lid slam, and then getting whacked to death in one blow.  But he’s learning and he’s leveling, and I have high hopes that one day he’ll be more useful than a mascot.

Currently I’m going through the Chasm zone, which is one of the more visually stunning areas I’ve seen in an MMO.  Parts of it reminded me of Inception, with the world rolled up partially.  It’s a place I dearly wish I could fly around and explore properly.

It’s also causing me to be really on my toes.  Oh Mylanta, I can die super-duper-quick these days.  I have my tricks and I know how to use them well, but in the wrong spot or against too many enemies, I will find myself losing the DPS vs. my health race.  At least it’s a flashy and fun death.

And so Neverwinter remains a strange anomaly for me in my gameplay.  I have pretty much no emotional investment in it.  I’m not connected to a good guild or any friends that play.  I don’t really crave it.  Yet it’s kind of a comfort food, an easy choice on any given night to log in and go a little further.  I’m already level 57 and will probably hit 60 without trying before the month is out.  When I get to the end of the zone chain, I don’t really know what I’ll do, because I’m not going to go on the dungeon gear treadmill.  I might just stop, as with Star Trek Online, and consider that an effective “game over.”

Knowing that, it doesn’t deter me from playing like I would elsewhere.  It’s a good filler for now, a substitute for the time and action-RPG feel that I used to have with Guild Wars 2.

One thought on “Neverwinter: A ravenous frosty treasure chest to call my own

  1. pkudude99 January 6, 2014 / 11:38 am

    Totally agree that the Chasm is a visual feast. The mobs can be somewhat annoying, especially when they come in packs of 1 strong, 2 moderate, 2 weak, but you eventually get the rhythm down to kill them all. Probably my 2nd favorite just becuz it looks so amazing.

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