Fallout: The horrors of Vault 15

(This is part of my journey playing through Fallout.  You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

With a new level under my belt and lots of healing supplies in my backpack, I’m ready to take Betty back to the radscorpion cave near Shady Sands.  Hm.  Wonder how they got that name?

fall1It’s a return trip that isn’t too much to write home about.  I kill four more scorpions, thereby completing a quest I didn’t know I had.  500 extra experience, come to daddy!  And also a few extra stingers and ammo kits.

Since the rest of the locals won’t talk to me, it’s time to move on to my original goal: Vault 15.

fall2Oh… crap.  Looks like Vault 15 isn’t doing so well.  Considering that I already met some of its inhabitants in Shady Sands, I’m guessing that this hasn’t been used as a home in quite some time.

Inside Vault 15, it is quite trashed, with rats and a mole rat wandering around and taking bites out of my calves.  Seriously, a rat even managed to knock me off of my feet, stealing both hit points and my dignity.

fall3When I discover an elevator shaft, I thank Betty’s foresight to have bartered for that coil of rope back in the village.  Time to see what lies below!

fall4Down below is mostly more of the same: trashed rooms crawling with rats.  Even so, I carefully sweep all of them, killing the rats for meager amounts of XP and looking for loot.  The third room contains a payday: a leather jacket, my first armor upgrade.  Considering that Betty will be melee for the game, armor is so dang important.  I’m tired of getting hurt.  When I put it on, my AC jumps from 10 to 18.

fall5A few rats later and — huzzah! — I ding level 3.  This is the first level that I get to choose one of Fallout’s awesome perks, and I don’t even hesitate to go for bonus hand-to-hand damage.  +2 for each attack will be very much appreciated.  I need Betty to be a melee ripping machine — and the sooner, the better.

fall6I gotta say, I am loving Vault 15 in terms of its upgrade potential.  In addition to the leather jacket, I find a crowbar and quickly swap out my knife in favor of it.  Between that and the level-up perk, I’m sending mole rats sailing across the room in bloody heaps with just one swing.  It’s glorious.

Unfortunately, we can’t ever have good news in the wasteland without the bad.  I find the command center but it’s buried in rock, meaning that I won’t be getting the water chip from Vault 15.  With 134 days remaining and no obvious place to look, I start to panic.  And when Betty panics, Betty returns home.


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