Fallout: Greetings from Junktown, wish you were here

(This is part of my journey playing through Fallout. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

116 days left to find the water chip and without a single lead.  Poor Betty, he’s trying the very best he can, but he’s really hampered by the fact that he can’t talk to anyone.  Someone in a previous post said that I’ve basically made Jason Voorhees — a mute hulk who takes down everyone with melee weapons — and I guess that’s true.  But I prefer to think that Betty isn’t so much a psychopathic killer as much as a very misunderstood hero who is forced into fighting because the world has no place for him.

Because nobody will talk to me, I’m kind of forced to go outside the game and look up where I should go next.  All signs point to Junktown, a ways south of Vault 13.  Here I go!

junk1My mama was a saint!  She only dropped me like that to toughen me up!

Welcome to Junktown, I guess.  106 days left.  This is further than I’ve ever made it into Fallout.  What will Betty encounter here?  Junk, I reckon.

There are three good things about Betty that I really like.  The first is that his topped-out strength means that he can carry a huuuuge load of goods.  The second is that I don’t have to worry about consuming ammo.  The third is that he’s a beefcake in the health department.

These combined means that I’m starting to become a really rich character.  Even if most NPCs won’t talk to me, they’ll still barter — and I’ve got plenty to trade.  I go for any healing items first and then money second.  One guy in Junktown sells me a radio, which I figure might come in handy.  Might not, too, because of the whole not-talking thing.

junk2In the basement of the hospital, I encounter a “rotund midget” — the game’s words, not mine — who seems to be on Betty’s mental level.  Betty is downright relieved that he’s not alone in the wasteland, but unfortunately this friendship cannot blossom because the developers apparently did not will it.

So I just go steal all of the stuff I can because the NPCs will never use it.

junk3Betty finds a general store, hallelujah, the first real store of the game!  Before he talks to the owner, he goes into the back room and swipes everything not nailed down.  Then he barters with the owner, Killian, selling him back the rifles Betty just stole.  Betty is pleased at this for some reason, smiling a little to himself while counting his thousands of bucks he just pocketed.

At the end of this sale, an assassin walks into the store and starts shooting up the place.  Betty goes all stabbity-stab on him and helps to save the day.  Sure, the other three guys with guns might have helped a little, but we all know that it’s spears that save lives, right?

Then… the miraculous happens:

junk4Is that… is that a quest?  Is an NPC honestly giving me a quest?  Talking to me?  Using big boy words?  OH MYLANTA IT IS A GRAND DAY INDEED!  Betty doesn’t even need to know who Gizmo is or why he should care, he’s just happy that someone thinks he’s worthy of a quest!

junk5Betty explores the local hotel and barges in on a lady of the night.  In what is fast becoming a running theme of the day, she bags on his mama.  What’s wrong with mama?  You say she not give me love?

junk6In another room is a waitress.  Sleeping.  While standing up.

junk7In the back of the hotel, the Skulz gang is holed up, led by “a young man with a tattoo and a bad attitude.”  I find this really hilarious, like I just stumbled onto a cautionary after-school special from the 1980s about biker gangs.  The Skulz?  Really?

Well, if these specials taught me anything, it’s that you should grab a weapon and go postal on any biker gangs that you might encounter.  Betty wades into the room with death in his hands and a song in his heart.

Compared to the fight at the raider camp, this is a breeze.  There are five or six guys and only one has a gun — the rest try to punch or stab Betty, usually doing no damage due to his armor.  He does drop his spear at one point and a bad guy picks it up, but Betty still has his trusty crowbar and quickly reclaims his spear.  Fast as can be, the fight is over and the Skulz gang is no more.  Didn’t see a “Gizmo” in the group, tho.


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