Fallout: Into the sewer of the dead

(This is part of my journey playing through Fallout. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

sewer1Betty’s in his natural element: the sewers.  Will he find that cursed water chip at last?  Do the undead prefer hanging out below the city as well?  Do we all float down here in the dark?  So many questions.

It’s not quite what I expected.  There are a few mutated moles roaming about and a buttload of dead bodies.  Looks like a lot of zombies bit it here.  Then I come upon a somewhat friendly camp of them.

sewer2Don’t… shoot?  Dude, this is a sledgehammer.  And they say I’m the ignorant one.

Anyway, they’re peaceful and I’m not a mindless savage, so I pass through without cracking any skulls.  Eventually my sewer trip leads me back aboveground, where I encounter my first super-mutants at the water treatment plant.

sewer3And they say I’m the stupid one!

Harry and I have a deep, intellectual discussion:

sewer4Anyway, Harry doesn’t go aggro on me, which is fortunate because I try taking him on in a fight.  About the time when he pulled out an energy cannon and his four mutated friends ran into the room, I knew I was in trouble.  That ended up with someone using a flamethrower, killing both me and an unfortunate super-mutant named Sally.

sewer5So Betty ends up skirting around Harry and exploring the water treatment building.  Nothing too remarkable except for a cell that has another sewer hole, this one leading me right down to another vault.  Like Vault 15, it’s been cracked open.  Let’s just hope a chip is still somewhere inside.

sewer6For once, the world smiles on Betty.  The elevator works and takes him right to the third level, where he finds an operating water control computer.  Snag the chip and let’s vamoose!

Oh… not so fast, apparently.  I’ve disturbed the glowing ghouls around here and they’re going to give me a fight before I can get out.  While they hit a little harder than normal ghouls, they’re no match for my brawny muscle and fire-forged steel.

The return trip to Vault 13 is fairly peaceful with only a couple of minor combat incidents.  Betty is just so dang happy to be home and complete his mission.

sewer7sewer8It’s kind of funny how frustrated the Overseer gets when Betty returns.  I like to think Betty’s messing with him on purpose here.

With that, Betty’s quest is complete.  He dings a new level and gets to choose an additional perk.  I pick one that makes every melee attack cost 1 AP less, which hopefully will let him attack three times in a round instead of twice.

However, the Overseer won’t leave Betty alone and summons him yet again:

sewer9No, I will not go destroy bad place.  You get off your duff and you go destroy bad place.  Betty has earned a rest.  Betty is done with you and your silly tasks.

Final Thoughts

So while there is a second half to Fallout, I’m going to put a bookmark in here and move on to a new title.  While it was an interesting experiment to play a character with an abnormally low IQ, it’s also frustrating and limiting as all get out.  There are few quests that the game actually gives to players who are that dumb, and as a result one gets the feeling that one is missing out on a lot of the game.

What do I think of Fallout after going back to this 17-year-old game?  Sheesh, has it really been THAT long?

Well, it’s in a word “great.”  Despite some creaky graphics (that are still more acceptible than primitive 3-D graphics from the same era), Fallout is a truly engaging title with an imaginative post-apocalyptic setting, easy-to-use controls and combat system, a robust character builder, and plenty of humor.  It gets a lot of praise from me and others for giving players options instead of forcing you down a very linear path.  Where you go and how you choose to approach situations is up to you, and this genuinely encourages you to roleplay who your character is more.

I think it should also be mentioned that Fallout beat Knights of the Old Republic’s light side/dark side system by several years with its Karma attribute that roughly mimics the same thing.

I really enjoyed playing Fallout, even with self-imposed limitations, and will look forward to going through Fallout 2 later on in the future.


3 thoughts on “Fallout: Into the sewer of the dead

  1. tsuhelm January 16, 2014 / 1:09 pm

    I really enjoyed reading about you playing Fallout, even with self-imposed limitations:)
    Never played…maybe will one day:) It may be your fault…Betty!

  2. Ryan January 16, 2014 / 3:23 pm

    Sad to hear you put a hold on the game due to these frustrations. Unfortunately, since this game was made long ago, they didn’t really consider characters with such low Intelligence. I recommend starting over again. This game is such a gem.

  3. brindle January 16, 2014 / 3:43 pm

    One o the greatest things about fallout 1 is that once you end it, it goes back and gives you a little movie running down what happened at all the places you visited based upon your decisions in game (who you helped). it was just fantastic. (of course, your character was so gimp that it probably would have been strange since you actually couldn’t do most quest)

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