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Quick Thoughts Friday

flyingA few quick thoughts to round out Friday this week:


Of course, it stands to reason that the very week that I pick back up my Lore-master we should receive news that Turbine’s planning a pretty severe nerf of LM pets come Update 12.2.  Turbine’s not calling it “severe” but players on the test server kind of are.  That makes me a sad panda, because I was enjoying my super-beefed pets.  Hopefully they’ll still be pretty decent but, y’know, I’m worried.

Since I’m continuing my 2014 theme of trying new things and pushing myself to get outside of my comfort zone, I decided to make my LM a crafter as well.  I haven’t really done crafting in LOTRO outside of a few half-hearted attempts at farming and a run with scholar for my previous LM.  So I trained up woodworking and forestry with the possible goal of being able to make legendary staves some day.

I spent a couple of play sessions doing nothing but crafting to catch up to Moria levels.  Because I had more money than interest in roaming around early level zones picking up wood, I bought stacks of mats from the auction hall and sat back as my LM crafted for hours and hours.  Really, after seeing how Guild Wars 2 does this super-fast crafting thing when you have multiple items queued up, LOTRO’s slow-and-steady production was almost painful.  At least I could tab out and do other things while that was going on.  With the help of a generous kin member who donated two tiers’ worth of mats for my cause, I’m now up to Ilex wood that I can gather and craft from Moria.

The Secret World

The Knights of Mercy reconvened last night to get me through my final elite needed: the Facility.  It was also the first time I had run that particular instance and we had a great time — few wipes, memorable boss fights, a quick resolution.  Plus, at the end you can run full-tilt into this doorway and be flung back.  We tried hard to get screenshots of all five of us flying through the air but we weren’t quite that coordinated.

I took a few preliminary runs at the Gatekeeper just to see what that fight was like.  I had heard horror stories, especially from guildmate and leader Maric, who I think spent three curse-laden weeks trying to beat this guy.  He is not easy, that’s for sure.  I need to do some reading up and perhaps make a new build.

Oh!  Speaking on new builds, I whipped up a really fun all-turret/manifestation build that synergizes with the passive skill Big Bang (each attack by a turret/manifestation does an additional hit).  It’s so dang cool to lay three to five of these down at once and seeing how quick the mobs go down.


Now that I’ve been using the Kindle Paperwhite for a few days I have some follow-up thoughts.  For starters, it’s just been a great reading device.  The size and weight makes it ideal for me, as the iPhone screen is a little too small and the iPad has that weight.  I keep it next to my computer for reading during loading screens, reboots, couch time, and quality time in “the office.”  Yes, technology has advanced to the point where I can comfortably read and poop in the dark!  We truly live in a wonderous age.

So far the battery is holding up just fine, as I haven’t charged it since I first got it.  Probably my biggest complaint is the wake up switch — it’s small and not very easy to press with just one hand, so I have to hold the device with one hand and press it with the other.  It’s not a big issue, but it’s annoying even still.

I don’t know if I like how the device gives me a countdown of how long it’ll probably take me to finish the book.  It’s there at the bottom of the screen, sort of daring me.  Sometimes I find it a little distracting.

Old-school RPGs come to tablets

Two big RPG releases to tablets this week.  Baldur’s Gate II enhanced edition is out with just every expansion and addition that came out for that game.  Since I have it on, I probably won’t be splurging $15 to get it.

Besides, I’m waiting for Final Fantasy VI to get into the app store.  It’s already out for Android and presumably is weaving its way through Apple’s approval process.  I wasn’t that aware of FF6 when I was a teen and considering that it’s many people’s favorite of the series, I do want to give it a good play.

13 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts Friday

  1. LMs getting nerfed? D:

    I guess it’s only reasonable as I feel pretty OP with flamey death everywhere left and right, but then again everyone does. Landscape mobs barely deal any damage and pose no threat at all. With no end-game content to test it on, I have no idea how my class is doing compared to others. I just hope they don’t change the way the trait line works (at least the DPS one), since it’s so much fun! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t worry about the LM pet nerf. The reduction is almost unnoticeable, and the complaints from certain LMs is typical melodrama that crop up when even the slightest nerf happens. Rest assured that our pets are still as broken as ever.

  3. I don’t know anything about LotRO, but I do know that every nerf is severe if you ask the players. Unless it’s to a class they don’t play, in which case it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t worry.

    If you’re willing to step outside your normal comfort zone, I’d recommend tackling the Gatekeeper as a healer or a tank. I’m told the DPS challenge is the hardest. I’ve beaten both the tank and healer challenges, and while it was definitely not easy, it was doable. Overall, I’d say the healer version is the easiest, especially if you slot Transfuse and Abuse.

    Also, the AI party you get as a healer is amazingly authentic. There’s even one DPS who’s programmed to constantly stand in the fire.

  4. Believe it or not, Big Bang use to be a lot more wicked than it currently is. It was nerfed back to just an additional hit that does a set damage. It use to create an individual AoE on every mob it hit that then hit everyone around it. Get 4 mobs together, and they would be leveled in seconds. Since they nerfed it, I’ve scaled back on using it, and have put in stuff like Probability or something that gives a straight +% damage.

  5. Which challenge version are you planning to do the GK with? I’m looking forward to hearing about it when you beat him!

  6. Paperwhite tip!

    Tap the “x minutes left in book” and it will cycle through some settings. x minutes in chapter, position number, REAL PAGE number. I have no idea if it maps to hardcover pages or softcover. But it’s super handy. And it doesn’t imply how much is left. You end up not feeling like you just have to finish this chapter.

  7. Having done Healer and DPS, yes DPS is much harder. However, if you’re planning to mostly DPS, I’d recommend doing that. It’s hard for a reason, and if you don’t train on it, you won’t really be prepared for the role in Nightmares. Plus the exhilaration when you do beat DPS, is worth the intial frustration. Just remember, you’re not taking expensive damage to your gear. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the tips! And as for a cover, I don’t want one for this device. I want to keep it as light as possible and I feel that a cover wouldn’t help matters.

  9. > Also, the AI party you get as a healer is amazingly authentic. There’s even one DPS who’s programmed to constantly stand in the fire.

    Hehe, yes. Though, at least he’s not following the AoE, but simply is too lazy to move out of it, but rather just stands and delivers and takes plenty of damage. (So, he’s still not as bad as some DD with blood in my Cabal. I swear, there are fights where i have to heal him for more than the tank, despite no AoE effects and no enemy dealing a single point of damage to him. )

    > I’ve pretty much got to do DPS. I don’t have the gear for the other two modes.

    Which i consider a big mistake all by itself. You have run several elites, where gear of all variants has dropped. You should’ve collected a set of each flavour. This might now be a bit late, but you should then collect a set of everything in your NM activities. Having all the options available gives you the flexibility you’ll sometimes need. Currently i perceive the option to fill any role to be most advantageous for a groups flexibility, while too many specialized DDs too often result in a lack of tank or healer and thus block you. But even already now some additional options make some fights much easier, and i expect that flexibility of setups is the name of the game in the future, too. Scenarios already now have shaken up several well-established builds and new setups are moving around. From all we know, Tokyo will do plenty more shaking to our builds, so you’re well advised to have options at hand.

  10. >>still not as bad as some DD with blood in my Cabal<<
    As a user of Blood, that debuff is annoying, but it also increases damage to the Bloodmage's target. I'd advise your bloody friends to include a minor self heal in their rotation. And only include them in group healz.

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