LOTRO: Movin’ right along through Moria

moriaApart from the occasional TSW night, my gaming focus has really narrowed down as of late to Lord of the Rings Online.  I have my lulls and peaks in that game, and right now I’m riding the wave of the latter.  Perhaps it’s the “newness” of my Lore-master after so long with my Captain.  Perhaps it’s returning to earlier zones in the game.  Perhaps it’s even working on building up a character who’s not quite taken form yet in terms of traits, virtues, and the rest.

While the Captain is technically a pet class, even with her archer she never feels like what I think of as a pet class.  Definitely not compared to the LM, where the pet is up front and center and a core part of combat.  I just feel like a strange amalgamation of whirling dervish, pet commander, and mage as I wade into every fight.

Right now I’m using my bog-guardian the most, as its ranged combat options hit early and quickly.  At least right now in the pre-nerf days, boggy can take on a good half-dozen mobs at once and come out smiling.  But I do rotate through some of the other pets as well, especially the cats.  The lynx has that awesome burst damage at the start of a fight and even the sabertooth has its uses in fights with more than one mob.  It also looks far cooler than the other ones.  The birds have great uses, but I’m not as keen to have something flapping around the screen.

By the way, big thumbs up to Turbine’s past efforts to revamp the flow of Moria.  I remember being in some of these zones forever and not knowing where to go in others, but I certainly haven’t hit that here.  The flow gets me in a zone and has me there just long enough to get acquainted with it but not so long as to wear out its welcome.  It’s also great to see automatic quests pop up when I get into a region with multiple objectives.

Last night I got to a good stopping point — for now — in the normal quest flow and decided to pick back up the epic story and work on that for a while.  I try not to think about just how much content is still in front of me, even with just the epic story, because it kind of takes my breath away.  Turbine’s added a LOT to this game over the years, and if one’s desire is just to get to the top as quickly as possible, it could be somewhat disheartening.  But if one’s desire is to enjoy the journey as I am, then it’s terrific.


4 thoughts on “LOTRO: Movin’ right along through Moria

  1. mbp January 22, 2014 / 8:37 am

    Are groups still running the Moria instances? I brought a character through Moria a couple of months back just before the update and I was pleasantly surprised to see occasional calls go out for Moria instance runs. Beware Forgotten Treasury though that instance is still B*stard hard and buggy to boot. Not suitable for a PUG at all.

  2. tsuhelm January 22, 2014 / 10:09 am

    Not looking forward to the b*stard hard instances …but have had some fellowship fun in Moria…

    I really liked it the first time (not that long ago with my cappy) but am tiring quite quick this second time with my hunter 😦

    Re Epic…Have yet to finish a volume! A crazy amount of content 🙂

  3. Mick January 22, 2014 / 10:23 am

    @mbp: on my server I see a call for one of the Moria instances about once every two hours, not counting max level runs because I guess that is not what you mean.

  4. Michael18 January 22, 2014 / 10:33 am

    Nice article, thanks for sharing! Always makes me happy to see people enjoying their time in Lotro because I really like the game.
    Myself, I’m currently not playing that often because I’m in this state of having completed my main projects in the game end of last year and not being ready to start a new major undertaking yet (like leveling an alt). But that will just be a short break for a while. So currently I’m just logging in twice a week or so to do some gathering and say hi to the kin.

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