Choices, choices, too many choices

Too-many-choicesA couple of weeks ago I retired my time with Neverwinter.  I reached a point where I realized that I was just done, that I had had fun up to that point but it was wearing thin, and I wasn’t particularly invested in the story or the community.  Cryptic games are good for short but intense bursts of play like that, I find.

So with Neverwinter off of my plate, I’ve gone down to the lowest number of consecutively played MMOs on my roster in a long time: two.  LOTRO is getting a huge amount of my time lately as I bounce between my mid-level Lore-master and my high-level Captain, and The Secret World is great for Monday nights but I feel like I’m in a holding pattern until Tokyo releases.

This means that I actually have more time than normal, as I’m most comfortable with three MMOs at any given moment.  Three is enough for variety but not too much so that I never get around to any of them. If WildStar was out right now, that would be a given — and I know that no matter what I might pick, WS is going to probably bump them off when spring hits.

So I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to what MMO I might want to fill that slot on my roster… and why not blog about those thoughts and my pros/cons of each?


  • Pros: Update 2.6 looks amazing, it’s a quick install, Trion Worlds still impresses me, I have several good friends who play it, and I do love the game.  I’d probably want to start up a brand-new character, probably a mage.
  • Cons: Might require too much time to get anywhere in it, I don’t know if it’s been long enough so that my mild burnout from last time has receeded, and it might occupy that WoW-ish slot that WildStar will be taking soon.


  • Pros: I’m in the alpha, I need to spend some time in it for an article or two, and every time I talk with the developers I like what I’m hearing.
  • Cons: It’s still in alpha, it’s still very basic, there’s really little progression, and I’m much more of the mindset to wait until it gets into some point in beta to spend any serious time with it.

World of Warcraft

  • Pros: My wife’s playing it and wouldn’t mind me hanging out with her.
  • Cons: It’s very hard coordinating our play time so that we can do this together (usually one of us is always watching the kids or is asleep) and I don’t want to tack on another monthly subscription.

EverQuest Next Landmark

  • Pros: The alpha is starting up soon, it’s a brand-new game, there’s going to be a lot of chatter about it and I’d like to be a part of that, and I’m curious seeing it as to get an idea what EverQuest Next will be about.
  • Cons: Alpha is alpha, I would have to chip in $60, and it’s not the EQN game that I really want to be playing.

Marvel Heroes

  • Pros: Might be a fun, low-investment game.  Plus I bought Squirrel Girl last month.
  • Cons: Just uninstalled it because I never play it because I don’t like Diablo games muchly.

Guild Wars 2

  • Pros: Already installed, part of a great guild, bi-weekly content is starting up again, keep musing about leveling a new character like a Thief or Mesmer.
  • Cons: Very burned out on this game from last year and can’t log in for more than 10 minutes without logging back out.  So not into the current living story.  I’m definitely content to wait to see what features ArenaNet might be bringing out this spring as an excuse to re-enter Tyria.

EverQuest 2

  • Pros: Might be a good EQ title to tide me over to EverQuest Next, still so much of that game I haven’t seen, would give me an excuse to sub up so that I can be part of that All Access thing I’ll never use (yes, my mind is twisted in this respect), and I’d like to be part of an SOE community.
  • Cons: RIFT can give me most of what I’d be looking for here with a smoother package.  My gut says to just hold out until EQN.

So those are the major contenders right now for that coveted third slot in Syp’s schedule.  Alternatively, I could just *not* add anything else on and focus a lot on LOTRO, which is appealing in its own way but I also want to make sure I’m not going to burn out on that game either.  I’m leaning toward RIFT but I’m going to wait another day or two until I make my decision.  Any advice?


10 thoughts on “Choices, choices, too many choices

  1. spinks January 27, 2014 / 9:03 am

    You don’t sound very into any of them 🙂 Pick something you think you can play for more than 10 mins without wanting to log out though (ie. not GW2)!

  2. Victor Barreiro Jr. (@vbarreirojr) January 27, 2014 / 9:59 am

    I tried Guild Wars 2 yesterday evening… Fun when you have people to talk to, but boring as heck when you can’t discuss anything or get guidance.

    If folks are going back to RIFT, I may join you!

  3. Sprinkles (@GeekSprinkles) January 27, 2014 / 11:09 am

    – Tried GW2 again this weekend, and it just doesn’t… “click” for me. I can’t stay on, or interested, for more than a few minutes.

    – I’ve been in Trove alpha since beginning (“Sprinkles” in game) and while it’s a fun, stress-free sandbox, it’s not something I feel super connected with yet. It’s only good for short bursts a few times a week for me. It doesn’t have any kind of actual epic MMO feel to it, and not sure it will considering the disposable nature of the system they’re planning. My SO enjoys it, and has been designing weapons and stuff. He has a few things in-game now. Also, we have LOTR themed CornerStones… which is win!

    Of my personal choices, I’m going back in to try Rift today (first time since F2P) and hoping it will scratch that MMO itch, even if I will be soloing from lack of ppls there.

    Good luck with choosing!

  4. alyndale56 January 27, 2014 / 11:41 am

    Go with your heart Luke..uh…I mean Syp!


  5. Tyler F.M. Edwards January 27, 2014 / 11:50 am

    Of the available options, my vote would go to WoW. The leveling content in Pandaria is some of the best ever, so even if you don’t want to get roped into endgame, it’d be worthwhile. Don’t let the “lol pandas” haters dissuade you; Pandaria is a really beautiful and intriguing setting, and it’s got a lot of great story and history.

    Heck, even just the starting zone for Pandaren characters is pretty excellent. Hits the perfect mix of being whimsical but not overly childish.

    And the new monk class is a lot of fun if you wanna try something new. Spec brewmaster and run around killing people by beating them in the face with kegs of booze! What’s not to love about that?

  6. ingvai January 27, 2014 / 2:26 pm

    I have been enjoying Marvel Heroes pretty consistently for the past couple of months, and I think your pros and cons for the game really hit the nail on the head. If Diablo-esque games are not your cup of tea, then this game will never quite hit the sweet spot for you. On the other hand, it is one of the few games I have found occupying loosely the mmo space where I can jump in, hit things in the face for less than a half hour, and still feel like I got something done. I do find it to be an enjoyable romp, particularly in the Midtown Manhattan zone, where mobs and groups of bosses spawn constantly.

  7. mightydarv January 27, 2014 / 2:53 pm

    I keep meaning to go back and check Rift out again, I haven’t played it since before the expansion really and I hear their F2P model is stupidly good. So it may be good as a temp/fill-in game.

  8. rowan January 27, 2014 / 8:57 pm

    Scooter and I are getting fairly into EQ2. I enjoy it, but I’m still holding back a little. Lots of stuff on the horizon.

  9. MidnightHaze January 28, 2014 / 5:12 am

    My guild has recently started playing Rift again, we’ve managed to pull in around 12 folks on a Monday night and have been levelling as a raid group. Lots of madness ensues but it’s a lot of fun. It’s got me playing other nights and making my way through the storm legion content with a guild mate.

    I think if you have friends who are playing and haven’t played it in a while, you should just give it a go. After all its free so what do you have to lose?

  10. dahakha January 28, 2014 / 8:51 am

    I think you can rule out EQNL. The money barrier could get you 4 months of WoW subscription, which would get you most of the way through to Wildstar release, no? Going by the rest of your thoughts I’d say the choice is between WoW and Rift. Given that they are extremely similar experiences, the question is who do you want to play with, your friends or your wife (if you can coordinate playing time, that is)?

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