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Quote of the Day: Corpse runs

“I told him, I miss non-instanced, open world exploration.  I miss corpse runs.  ‘You like corpse runs?’  Emphatically YES I miss corpse runs!”

~ Random Encounters

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Corpse runs

  1. yeah, I used to love doing corpse runs during holidays in WoW. I’d save smaller-level characters just for those times of year, and when it came around I’d take those characters off into the Blue. That was some of the best times; though I also just had some other characters who did it whenever. Remember back before there was a Horde base in the Swamp of Sorrows? I do; it was a rite of passage for my characters to swim up to the other side of the continent, from Stranglethorn Vale. Yeah, corpse runs were great. *sigh*

  2. @catchersrule – I am not sure that is what is meant by “corpse run” in this context. The reference in the post is about the days back in games like EQ where you would die and respawn naked back in town and the only way to get your equipment back was to run out and find your corpse.

  3. I didn’t mind Everquest 2’s original implementation of corpse runs. When you died, you accrued XP debt. Retrieving your body mitigated a large portion of that debt. I think that plus some money loss unless you retrieve your body would add to the game’s richness, sufficiently qualify as a death penalty, and be fairly reasonable.

    Of course, none of that ‘party member died, you get a penalty for it!’ bologna though!

  4. Talk is cheap. Everyone misses things terribly until they experience them again, then they just have other things to do, so busy, it sounds great though!

  5. Long time lurker, first time poster here.

    I remember the pain of corpse runs in early EQ and how it made you really really really want not to die, primarily due to the lost time/ pain of getting your corpse & gear back. Many clerics with rezz later on alieviated the feature, but it was tough and one really felt the pain of death. It does make me ask the question- are modern games too easy? -Blueprint


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