The Secret War: Glitches and oopsies

Picture unrelated to post.  Does TSW have some sort of strange teddy bear conspiracy, however?
Picture unrelated to post. Does TSW have some sort of strange teddy bear conspiracy, however?

Our cabal convened for another nightmare dungeon last night, this time heading into the Darkness War to prove our stuff.  We’d heard that this was somewhat easier than nightmare Polaris, not to mention that it’s a favorite of ours in general.

All in all, the run went great.  We plowed through five of the six bosses, gradually figuring out the strategy and fight patterns of each boss.  The stupid Ak’ab boss proved to be the trickiest — there’s just less space to run around in and his underground attack kept knocking us out.  But he, like the others, went down.

I had a stupid moment during the run.  I used my turret/manifestation build for the first boss, as it’s great for fights with tons of adds.  Then when I switched back to the strike build that I made to beat Gatekeeper, I accidentally overwrote that build with a copy of the turret one.  We didn’t have time to sit around while I remade it, so I was saddled with an older strike build that was less than optimal.  While that was a bummer, I did tweak it a bit to include a couple of purges that were pretty useful in the fight against the mad bomber.

Speaking of the bomber fight, that was another tricky encounter that kept wiping us.  We were getting the hang of it, however, when we went into the fight and he didn’t do any of his normal abilities — he just stood there and kept hitting us.  Obviously the encounter had glitched, but we are not so proud as to look a gift horse in the mouth and we took him down hard.  When he died all of the adds and shields happened at once, but by that time it was too late.

I ended up with one purple talisman upgrade for the run which made me pretty happy.  Still hoping and waiting for the day that I can finally swap out my blue QL10 shotgun for a purple!

3 thoughts on “The Secret War: Glitches and oopsies

  1. pkudude99 January 31, 2014 / 9:29 am

    I’ve had him glitch out and just stand in the corner a time or 2 also. You’re right – it’s a gift horse, but it’s also very much less than satisfying. But hey, bullion is bullion! 😉

    Glad to hear y’all made it so far in DW!

  2. Sylow January 31, 2014 / 10:56 am

    The “trick” of the fifth boss basically is: he never throws bombs at the same place twice. So, move just outside of the bomb carpet he is currently dropping. When the bombs exploded, go there.

    And on your purple shotgun: the sixth boss in DW drops an awesome purple Shotgun. (Stinger of Colel Cab). I wish you good success in obtaining it. 🙂

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