Ultima VII: The hunger game

(This is part of my journey playing through Ultima VII. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

re1As part of the “realism” of this game, the character grow hungry — and then start complaining about it.  Constantly.  Endlessly.  “When do we eat?”  “I’m so hungry!”  “I need to eat now!”  It’s like being a dad driving a caravan of ill-mannered kids around.  You’ll eat when I say you’ll eat, party members!

One of the problems is that I just don’t have that much food.  I’ve only found a little here and there, and so far there have been no shops to sell food.  This is going to get annoying, quickly.  Fortunately, lil’ Sparky has some sausages in his backpack and I parcel those out to the team.  Spark also says that his dad was working on a special project at the smithy, so I guess that’s where I’m going next.

re2The place is trashed.  The second we walk in, a creepy laugh echoes and a chair in the corner turns.  Spark freaks out a bit and then I’m left puzzled.  Obviously there’s been some sort of altercation here, since there are tons of broken everythings.  But the chair moving?  Beats me.  I sit on it, move it, nothing.  I then entertain myself by pumping the bellows and watching FIRE emerge.

But enough of this exciting mystery solving, everyone’s hungry!  Oh my goodness, this takes precedent!  Even as I stuff their mouths with stolen goods like a giant whole cake, they’re hungry two minutes later.  Are you birds?  Those human-shaped birds I hear so much about?

re3Listen, lady, let’s skip past the innuendo and go right to the point where you cram calories down the noise-holes of my friends here.  The faster the better!  We buy 40 loaves and book it out of there.  (yes yes, I know you can make your own bread but I don’t have time for that right now)

re4Our last stop in town is the mayor, who says that the murder sounds a lot like a ritual killing that happened a while back in the town of Britain.  He then asks for a report on the murder.  I give him all of the info I have, including the fact that the killers were a hook-handed man and a wingless gargoyle who set sail on the Crown Jewel for Britain.  The guy is pleased, and once I pass his copy protection bit, he gives me the password so that I can leave this no-stoplight town.

re5Before I leave, a couple of the back rooms of the mayor’s house give me pause.  There are no obvious doors to them, but some clever clicking around finds a secret passage.  In the back room are a few books and one scroll with the deed to a horse and carriage.  Huh.  Was kind of hoping for some super-secret revelation.  Oh well.  Time to leave the town!

“Avatar, I’m hungry!”



One thought on “Ultima VII: The hunger game

  1. Mike February 4, 2014 / 8:26 am

    I just remembered: the guards won’t let you out until you give them the proper codewords. It’s part of the old security system — you’d look up the phrase or reference in the manual or on a map and then type in the appropriate word/s. You’ll be in the starting town until you undo the (stupid) security feature once.

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