Achievements made me see again

straightjacketI don’t know what the exact number of times is, but in my mind, once you’ve passed by something a few times you simply stop noticing it.  Your brain filters it out, especially when we’re engaging in a daily routine.  I drive by places all the time that I couldn’t tell you what they are because I never look.

The exception to this is when there’s a reason to truly look, to examine again.  Rearrange a room and you’ll really notice it in a way that you haven’t in years.  Be a passenger in a car instead of the driver and you could find yourself spotting shops that were practically invisible to you yesterday.  Or have someone point out something specifically to you and draw your attention to it.

While I’m not currently geocaching, that was one of the biggest attractions to that hobby.  It’s not really about acquiring treasure — the caches are a placeholder goal, really.  What it’s really about is the thrill of the journey and for strangers to call your attention to places that they found interesting for one reason or another.  I can attest that going on geocache trips radically changed my perception of my town — a hidden world of details and secrets that I had just never noticed.

I know not everyone likes achievements.  I don’t think it’s a real issue of contention because, for the most part, achievements are completely optional and tend to be tied to rewards that are fluff, if they have rewards at all.  But as I’ve been going back through The Secret World’s side missions and unfinished achievements, I’ve realized that achievements are often the developers way of pointing out details and vistas in the world that they’re particularly proud of.  I can only imagine how disheartened some of them must be to see players outright sprinting past all of these cool places, having tunnel vision for the next stage of a quest without seeing what’s all around them.  Achievements can be that geocache to say, “Hey, this is a really cool spot!  Check this out!”

And for me, I love it.  Sure, I could explore on my own (and often do) and come up with my own challenges, but I’m not always a self-starter.  I don’t think a lot of us are.  We often function better when guided in some fashion, from exercise plans to various projects.  And I don’t think there’s any shame in finding more motivation from this guidance when it comes to sight-seeing and deed-accomplishing in MMOs.  Achievements can turn a previously mundane stretch of zone into a new adventure, a new challenge for me to tackle.  After completing tricky or memorable ones, I often find myself seeing that place in a new light when I go by them later.

The Secret World, by the way, is a detail-lover’s paradise.  I’m still finding all sorts of little hand-crafted objects and details through my adventures that I certainly skipped over the first, second, or third time through.  Heck, I never knew that attacking ravens on top of the gas station in Savage Coast summoned a rare revanant, or that there was a dead body booby-trapped with mines on a small island in the same zone.

And do you like my new straightjacket outfit?  Saw that in the store and had to have it!


5 thoughts on “Achievements made me see again

  1. Lani February 10, 2014 / 9:37 am

    That ltittle island with the mined body has one of the side quests you’re trying to finish.
    Maybe that’s how you discovered it, or you’re trying to find the quest after finding its conclusion 🙂
    Anyway, in the curve of the road to Blue Mountains just beyond the bridge there’s a rest-stop spot with binoculars on a hardmount.
    There’s also a more obvious side quest in the curve of he road itself.
    If you zoom in on the mined island through the binoculars you’ll get a quest after exitting looking through them.
    I once spent 5 mintues getting it to Ding while looking through them only to find out you don’t get a quest log entry till you exit :-/

  2. Dà Chéng February 10, 2014 / 9:52 am

    ‘Achievements can be that geocache to say, “Hey, this is a really cool spot! Check this out!”’

    that’s just how I think of Straight Six

  3. Sylow February 10, 2014 / 10:57 am

    “And do you like my new straightjacket outfit? Saw that in the store and had to have it!”

    Same here. But you are lucky, on you the facemask looks perfectly fine. My character has the “superior haircut” (aka: bald), resulting in a slightly floating mask. Not that anybody but me would notice it, but the small gap is there.

    And, you are holding the filth spewer. Still the blue version, or you were successful on the fifth boss in NM Polaris by now?

    And on the hidden missions, the one you mentioned with the scope, that also was one which i discovered quite late. I can just “blame” some friend for making me wait too long, so i was tooling around, played with the scope and suddenly had a mission at that time. Kinda makes me wonder how many other “hidden” missions are still out there, waiting for me to finally stumble over them. 🙂

  4. Syp February 10, 2014 / 11:48 am

    Still the blue version!

  5. Tyler F.M. Edwards February 10, 2014 / 12:26 pm

    FYI, in case you weren’t already aware, that costume is one of the winners of the “get your art in the game” contest, so it was designed by a fan.

    I’m still waiting for Ballistic Veil, myself.

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