The Secret World: Flappy Birds

q1Last night was a hodge-podge of activities in The Secret World, starting with a mop-up of the rest of my Savage Coast side missions.  Nothing like going up to a gang of zombies that gave you trouble a year ago and cut through them with a lot of shotgun mayhem.

When the guild logged in, we decided to run a quick Mansion scenario while we waited for the new event boss timer to run out.  Nothing like doing serious property damage while sprinting filth mutants run through the hallways.  Some days I think the bees just wanted to see what would happen if superpowers and deadly weapons were given to a bunch of random Joes and Janes with no GEDs.  Maybe we’re just all hallucinating off of bee juice and the reality is that we’re running rampant across perfectly nice towns where the locals are trying desperately to convince us that they’re not sea monsters and mummies.

q2The new Flappy raid is on a three-hour timer, so we counted down the final minutes before the portal with a couple of hundred of our closest friends.  It was kind of funny, the timer went from 0:01 to 3:00 at the end without people able to get in, and folks just FREAKED OUT thinking that the wait got reset.  Of course, we all got in a minute later, but it was fun to see general chat explode with the kind of pathos not seen outside of ravaged European war zones.

q3I generally applaud how Funcom handled this group boss fight.  It’s instanced, for one, with a cap of 40 (or so I heard).  That way there’s no crippling lag and everyone can play, since multiple instances can be spawned.  Flappy does a lot of dive-bombing attacks and other quick “get out of the fire” effects, but he’s mostly straight-forward.  It can get pretty chaotic at times, especially when he’s summoning adds, but my initial group got him down within ten minutes.

Since our raid got split up when we jumped in, I hopped over to help them out since they were having a rougher go of it.  That Flappy was made with durable wood, not IKEA parts, so he fought to the bitter end.  While I only got a reward bag from the first kill (I think there’s an hour countdown for that), both bosses gave me plenty of slivers and fragments, which are probably just “seashells” and “Smarties” in the non-bee reality.

I’ll definitely want to be doing a few more of these raids.  Someone on our chat asked how long this event would go on for, and I said, “Until we’re sick of it and then three days past that.”  Once Flappy goes away for good, that’s the signal for Tokyo — and we better not be kept waiting on that one.


2 thoughts on “The Secret World: Flappy Birds

  1. Sylow February 11, 2014 / 9:33 am

    > Someone on our chat asked how long this event would go on for, and I said, “Until we’re sick of it and then three days past that.”

    Or it ends today, before most people manage to collect the fragments for the rest of the outfits, as the first players already have their 15 flappy kills.

    Translated: i am a bit annoyed at how the event was handled at the moment. They set up a “slow burn” event, running for like half a year. To get one of the final rewards (the helmet) you have to complete all of the missions of the event. This sounds allright, as it runs over half a year, right?

    Alas, now take a look at those “donate a pile of ressources” missions, with a game where people for a long time were sitting on their ressources with nothing to do. Those missions always were up for only one or two days. I personally missed the last “donate” mission this weekend, as all my weekend was filled with friends and family and i only learned that there was the event and it’s already over when coming home from work yesterday.

    I find it a bit frustrating if a game so strictly punishes you for having a life (i am supposed to check for the event every day for over half a year?) and very much hope that the developers see their mistake and correct it.

  2. Tyler F.M. Edwards February 11, 2014 / 11:06 am

    I’m not impressed with the Flappy fight, myself. I’ve experienced a lot of bugs, including invisible AoEs that frequently one-shot my character, and the fight is just waaaaay too long. A 20+ minute encounter is just excessive, especially if we’re expected to be farming it repeatedly.

    Also, despite this one being specifically designed to lessen lag, I’m getting much more lag on this fight than I ever did on the previous event bosses.

    I like the concept of the fight, but on the whole, the previous mega-bosses were a lot more fun.

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