Ultima VII: Presenting… The Avatars!

(This is part of my journey playing through Ultima VII. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

inn1My growing party and I shell out a few gold to spend five hours in a nearby inn, then return to the Blue Boar Tavern to see if we can catch the evening show.  We hunker down at a nearby table, but the waitress seems to keep ignoring us in favor of the other patrons, including a lady who eats on top of the harp.  At least I’m amused that when I click on a seat, all four of us find seats and sit down.

Meanwhile, many MMOs still have problems with the concept of “sitting in chairs,” making me wonder how advanced we are, really.

I feed my party out of our own backpacks and just keep sitting there.  I reckon I’ve spent an hour or so in this building doing pretty much nothing so far.  That’s productive!

inn2I couldn’t find any information about when the Avatars played in the Blue Boar other than “evening,” so I sat around from 5 o’clock on.  The action starts up at 9pm, if you’re wondering — that’s when all of the NPCs start moving, with the dinner crowd emptying out and the evening crowd coming in.  The Avatars set up on stage and — I am so beside myself in excitement after waiting so long, it’s not even funny — they just stand there.

For three hours.

And that’s it.  No song, no music, no chat bubbles.  Just some NPCs fiddling around.  I’m really disappointed and I kind of wonder if this is a bug, because it really makes sense that there’d be a little ditty or  SOMEthing here.

At least the game keeps internal logic/:

inn3Ultimately (har) I feel like I’ve wasted a couple of game sessions here.  A little put out but at least a party member richer, I’m going to head out to see what else is in this city.


One thought on “Ultima VII: Presenting… The Avatars!

  1. Ocho February 19, 2014 / 10:10 am

    Did you talk to Coop? Yeah, they don’t automatically play, but if you tried talking to Coop, they go through a whole dialogue of them performing.

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