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Elder Scrolls Online post-NDA blogger roundup

ESO isn’t my thing, but I thought it’d be interesting to round up some of the salient quotes from bloggers who have been in the beta, following the NDA drop:

teso“This is the type of game that grows on you over time.  The biggest problem is you cannot go into playing it with the expectations of it being something else.  I feel like this game is trying to start its own little genre.  There is more than enough meat on its bones to allow players to happily explore it for hundreds and hundreds of hours.”  (Tales of the Aggronaut)

“They’ve got the right concepts, and they’re trying to do the right thing, but the game isn’t quite connecting yet for me personally. This doesn’t matter. I think Elder Scrolls Online will be a financial success in the long term and appeal to lots of players.”  (Kitty Kitty Boom Boom)

“And my question is, are you going to play ESO? I think most people generally are going to be interested in that one question anyway. My own answer is a definite resounding “Yes.” I suppose that also answers the question about my overall impression of the game. It’s quite positive; I do like it. And honestly, it only gets better, especially if you have a buddy or two to play with in a group.”  (MMOGC)

“Initial impressions? It is pretty cool and fantastically beautiful… In the state I experienced the game at, I’m forced to only score it 2 dragons out of 5. Hopefully Zenimax fixes up all the broken pieces before release because this would easily double its score. Will I pay to play it though? That’s a silly question. Of course not.” (JVT Workshop)

“There were some moral dilemmas that genuinely had me thinking hard about which is the ‘right’ answer. So, on the whole pleased as long as they do fix the bugs by April.”  (Tremayne’s Law)

“While I don’t wish to rain on anyone’s parade, this much anticipated game has dropped on the 2014 priority list much to my chagrin. I don’t intend on buying at launch, in fact I am not sure I’m gonna buy at all for as long as there is also a monthly subscription.”  (MMO Gypsy)

The integrated PvE here actually seems like a strong point as well. It doesn’t affect or become a nuisance to battles and keeps but provides a lot of new options for players. There are a variety of quests and such that reward alliance points and gold and there are even open world dungeons to gather items a bit more valuable.” (Healing the Masses)

7 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online post-NDA blogger roundup

  1. I’d be much, much more likely to play ESO if the combat was tighter. I actually liked the overall game, but dealing with their weightless, floaty combat and bad animations is something I cannot stand.

  2. Mm, yeah, as I mentioned to Gamer Chick, my husband was on the beta at the beginning, played it for exactly one day and hated it – I’ve on and off played Morrowind myself, and he’s suggested to me “don’t do the beta but wait till the game goes f2p; it shouldn’t be long”. I’ve heard the beta has improved, but not getting a very clear picture of how from anyone.

  3. I wish I had known the NDA had dropped. Not the first time I’ve been out of the loop though.

    Mostly I’m stunned at people claiming the game is buggy. Over all the beta weekends I encountered only a single bug, and the community provided me with a workaround following a quick question in general chat.

  4. I didn’t like it in the first beta weekend I particpated in. However, when I played it for the second beta weekend, dammit if I didn’t have a lot of fun and, much to my chagrin, found it a rather enjoyable time where I genuinely wanted to log in and play more. When the beta weekend ended I actually missed being able to log in and play the game. I’m still not sure if I’d go so far as to grab the Collector’s edition but this game is very much on my horizon where it wasn’t before.

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