Quote of the Day: Admin mode

“The best argument for admin mode is clearly this: some players just love to build but not gather. While gathering, maybe similar to leveling up new characters in MMOs, is fun to some players, there is an audience for every sandbox building game that are exclusively there to do one thing and one thing only: to build dazzling worlds and run rampant with their imagination.”

~ MMO Gypsy

One thought on “Quote of the Day: Admin mode

  1. Sylow February 20, 2014 / 4:27 am

    And perhaps this is where the actual game starts. I just look back at old (pre-NGE) SWG.

    We had crafter characters, architects, artisans, weaponsmiths, armoursmiths, traders. They kept the economy running, built our gear, our houses, our cities. But when my GF at that time, who was deeply invested in the tailor profession, needed new materials, it was me with some combat and scout profession in the mix, who went out, killed the animals in question and gathered the hides or escorted her through the wildernes and cleared all dangers so she could place her harvesters on the (regularily shifting) ressource nodes.

    So, she actually made our money (the income for clothes was huge, the money she made in 30 minutes with a single customer was more than i could’ve made with missions over two days) but she depended on me supplying her with materials. When we later joined a guild things there looked quite similar, up to and including organized space mining activities (of course the most lucrative asteriods were close to some pirate spawn points ) for materials which could not be obtained on any planet.

    Thus indeed, this might be what they are aiming for here, too. The “combat dudes” go out, take risks and bring in the materials. The “constructors” make use of the materials. Unfortunately i am afraid that these days this will stay pure theory. Many years of WoW-ism created a mass of players who all want to be self-sufficient. I have serious doubts that any game where cooperation indeed is required can still be successful these days.

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