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Do any Kickstarter MMOs interest me?

TUGWe’re definitely living in a golden age of Kickstarter/crowdfunding video games, and whether this will see bountiful harvests or deflated failures or lukewarm efforts is the purview of the future.

But I’m asking myself today, do any of these Kickstarter projects, past or present, interest me?  I still haven’t invested in any of them, unless you consider my $20 support to Trove within that.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t partake when these games come out or am not hoping to be pleasantly surprised, just that the risk/reward isn’t favorable in my eyes and I’d rather have my money for things now than uncertain things in the future.

So let’s see…

Shroud of the Avatar definitely will get a play or two out of me when it opens up to the general public just because I have some respect for the Ultima franchise now that I’m playing one of the older games, plus there’s some real love for housing here.

Star Citizen?  I’ll play it if it isn’t just a PvP gankfest or EVE 2.0.  I’m hungry for a good space sim that treasures exploration and shipbuilding as much as dogfighting.  Elite: Dangerous is a good backup in this field, although I haven’t heard as much about it (it does look gorgeous, though).

Weirdly enough, I’d be very interested in Camelot Unchained if it was PvE.  I am attracted to the worldbuilding and concept art that it’s put out.

TUG is on my interest list.  It’s got visual charm and a lot of fun sandbox ideas.  We’ll see if it can package those together well.

The game I really want to see put out another campaign is Anthymn.  I know they’re working on a better presentation, and man, I hope it can capture enough attention to fund.

But really, that’s about it right now.  Other games like the Repopulation and Pathfinder Online will need a lot of strong word of mouth testimonies before I’ll give them my time.

8 thoughts on “Do any Kickstarter MMOs interest me?

  1. Chris Roberts has always been pretty emphatic that Star Citizen won’t just be a pvp game and that pve players won’t be kept from doing whatever the hell they like. Whether that be dogfighting, exploring, trading, or dancing on mailboxes.

    Hell, I’ve been kind of worried about the opposite; that the pvp scene might end up all but dying off soon after launch because there won’t be enough reasons to pvp over doing safer, more profitable pve stuff.

  2. Regarding Star Citizen, even if the multiplayer portion ends up being a PvP gankfest (seems unlikely, but people will find a way), there’s still the whole single player campaign side of it. That alone will be enough for me, even if the multiplayer crashes and burns.

    What about City of Titans? I’m personally kind of dubious, but I mention it because you didn’t give it a yay or a nay 🙂

  3. Surprised you don’t mention Pantheon, seeing as over at Massively it’s the “all Pantheon, all the time” channel these days 🙂 Seriously though, that game seems to be making a lot of people conflicted – I guess the “it’s cool to want an MMO to be old school” instinct is clashing with the “it’s cool to hate Brad” urge for all the trolls. The question is, what do the responsible adults think?

  4. From Anthymn’s Facbook Page:

    I’m pleased to announce we secured new studio space and will be expanding our team quite a bit over the next 6 weeks. There’s so much we want to tell you about in terms of the prototype but need to bottle it all in until we’re ready to present a first look. We’re hoping for that to happen in March, just before GDC.
    Needless to say we’re getting very excited.
    In the meantime, there’s a couple things you can look forward to such as a revamped website (with new media features exclusive only to our community) and insight into the prototype development.
    One thing the team has been curious about is your opinion on another kickstarter. We’ll have a lot more to work with in terms of what everyone was asking for during the campaign. Namely, in game footage. Let us know what you think, if there’s enough support we’re happy to put the time in and make it a success with all of you. Also, we’re definitely open to any and all suggestions for what you want to see in the campaign itself!
    We always want Anthymn to carry your voice.

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