Poll: What MMOs and MOBAs are you playing?

It’s been a long while since I’ve run one of these polls, but I’ve been genuinely curious what you all are playing.  So check as many as you like, just keep it to “currently playing” please!

6 thoughts on “Poll: What MMOs and MOBAs are you playing?

  1. Other: Rusty Hearts. Don’t know what it is about that game, but it keeps drawing me back. But then it usually gets too repetitive and I give it up again. :P

  2. Only TESO and TSW for me right now. And TESO only on the stress test weekends, and TSW hasn’t been often either. I’m in a bit of a gaming lull right now.

  3. TSW and Neverwinter are the only games I’m really “playing,” but I also threw votes at Marvel Heroes, DCUO, and GW2, since I either have or will soon dabble with those for the sake of writing articles on them.

  4. And Godus (if they ever update it), Project: Gorgon, plus 2 titles which I am uder NDAs and can’t even reveal that I am testing them.


  5. Umm, Dota 2? Not sure why you have games like SMITE but not Dota 2, which is second only to LoL in playerbase :P

    Star Trek Online had been getting most of my MMO time, but I’m transitioning back into Rift at the moment . . . with a low level character. The grind of the expansion areas still burns me out after a day or two. Ugh.

  6. Make that two for Project Gorgon, although only occasionally. Too many MMOs, not enough time.

    Also, is it actually possible for anyone to be playing Camelot Unchained yet?

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