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The waiting game

Even with a bounty of games to play, right now I feel as though I’m in a holding pattern, playing a waiting game.

I’m waiting for WildStar to announce a release date and get here already.

I’m waiting for Lord of the Rings Online to come out with Update 13.

I’m waiting for The Secret World to drop in new missions and open up Tokyo.

I’m waiting for Guild Wars 2 to get done with the Scarlet Briar storyline and do something else for a while.

2014 may be shaping up to be a significant year in terms of releases, but so far it’s been a wasteland.  We haven’t had anything significant since SWTOR’s spacefighter expansion in December — and it’s been a long, long winter.  Studios going on vacation for a few weeks there definitely slowed the works down, and nobody seems too eager to put anything around the April launch window for Elder Scrolls Online.  I think ESO is really going to benefit from so much quiet before it, because I can’t be the only MMO gamer who is champing at the bit for something new.

I guess I just want something to happen, already.

5 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. Definitely agree with most of this. Quiet year so far in the games I play. The upside is that, because I am anticipating so many new fun things coming up, I’ve been trying to make the most of my time now completing things on my to do list. I’ve been especially focusing on single-player games that have good stories, but I have trouble sticking with when there is real-time action going on in MMOs. So, instead of looking at it as a wasteland, its just that “later” time when I was always telling myself I would do this or that.

    Also, the less new stuff for you to do, the more time you’ll spend on classics like this Ultima play-through that I’m really enjoying.

  2. The waiting game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

    More seriously, I find myself in a similar boat. Though there isn’t really much I’m waiting for — just Tokyo in TSW and the Diablo III expansion. Suppose I’m a bit directionless since I’ve gotten a bit burned out on WoW.

  3. For me, the start of the Landmark alpha was a significant release. But apart from that I agree. Something new would be nice, including a major update in Landmark I’m looking forward too. Currently I’m working on a mage in UO and I wonder if I should give DDO a try …

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