Ultima VII: An invisible murder

(This is part of my journey playing through Ultima VII. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

Ugh.  Bugs suck.  They really, really do.  Back before the internet they could literally be game-breaking with no chance of workaround, unless you knew a friend who could help or logged onto a BBS/Usenet forum somewhere.  I remember playing games with horrible bugs — and I endured them, because what other choice did I have?  Nowadays I’m a lot less patient as is most of the civilized, online world.

So why bring up bugs?  Because of this empty room in Minoc:

m1You see, there’s supposed to be another grisly murder there.  Two of them, actually.  But due to a well-known bug in this version, they don’t show up and I’m left wondering why the townspeople are freaking out over imaginary murders.  If you’re curious, I did some image searching and found what it should look like:

m2Charming, is it not?  Egads, if my mom had seen this screen when I was a kid I would have been banned from all video games until the end of time.  Fortunately, they’ve gotten a lot less graphic since then.

m3The murders aren’t the only thing going on in this strange town, as the people are making a monument to a shipbuilder.  That’s… odd.  Where’s my statue?  Oh.  Britain.  I forgot.

m4Our group leaves the sawmill and heads up to the town proper, where we stop at the inn for a drink and some chat with the colorful locals.  Man, these descriptions are so dang great sometimes.  Feels a bit like a dungeon master reading them aloud to you.

m5The local Fellowship bigwig says that we JUST missed Elizabeth and Abraham, two of the leaders that I’ve been tracking.  Are we playing a fantasy version of phone tag?

This lady is a jerk, by the way.  She’s very dismissive of the murders, saying that the two gypsies killed were “antagonistic” toward the Fellowship.  Between the implied racism (hm, connection with the gargoyle?) and cult-like exclusion of outsiders, I’ve had it up to here with these nitwits.  Can I start slaughtering yet?

m6We also bump into Owen, AKA “Monument Guy.”  He’s having a monument made to himself, which isn’t something I thought you could do while you were, y’know, living.  I guess shipwrights are just as popular there as vapid, unaccomplished celebrities are in our universe.

m7In the artist’s guild in Minoc is a barrel.  Inside that barrel is a bag.  Inside the bag is a dead, mutilated bunny.  Inside the bunny are 35 starburst weapon-throwing stars-something.  It’s like a Russian nesting doll of awfulness!

m8Before heading out of Minoc, we stop in to see yet ANOTHER one of my former companions and ask her to tag along because I figure that the more the merrier.  Plus, if we get hungry, I can toggle cannibal mode and pare our party down by one.  I have full faith that Ultima VII has thought of a cannibal mode, I just haven’t looked for it yet.


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