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Guild Wars 2: Long live the rule of Queen Scarlet Briar

scarletScarlet Briar is welcome to rule over the width of Tyria forever, because as far as I’m concerned, I’ve given up trying to kill her.

Last night I hung out in Lion’s Arch to do the whole big finale thing, which initially involved a couple of small events and random wandering.  When the three knights were activated, the zerg got into motion and went through them methodically, green, blue, red.  They were appropriately lengthy tussles, although they certainly didn’t stack up to the next fight on Scarlet’s drill barge.

The prime hologram fight took just shy of forever as our group kept fighting, kept dying, kept rezzing folks, and kept praying for that health bar to go down.  It did die and spawned a reprise of the red-green-blue fights, but by then we had hit the limit of our timer (which I didn’t see) and the whole event failed.

OK, I want to be clear about something: I’m not one of those players who whines when we fail.  You need to have the chance to fail for success to mean something.  And I don’t even need to be compensated for failing.  But what really stewed my prunes is that from everything we did right — killing the three legendary knights and the legendary hologram — we were rewarded with nothing.  Just… nothing.  It was an hour and a half of fighting that was utterly wasted time.  I don’t get why downing a legendary pays out less than a champion — at least then you get a goodie box.

So as far as I’m concerned, Scarlet can rule because I’m not going through all of that again.  It’s just not worth it; my time is too precious for what we did right to be rewarded with nothing.

(A check on the forums reveals that the knights should be dropping loot but haven’t been due to a bug.  That’s a little bit problematic, no?)

10 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Long live the rule of Queen Scarlet Briar

  1. If the fight was fun, it would be fun reward or no. But it’s not that interesting of an experience.

  2. Done the fight several times now, and haven’t seen it fail at the hologram stage yet, seems you were unlucky with the group, players not paying attention to the mechanics can really mess up. I’m less inclined to see it as a failure when it is intense and engaging. There is a few annoying factors, such as the leechers, and not being able to choose who you want to play with. They’ve changed how the Knights work and how the loot is rewarded but I haven’t got to try it yet, what the ‘weekend warriors’ make of it is going to be interesting.

  3. I jumped in on day one when the Knights were dropping loot but the holo section was buggy. Got plenty of rewards except I didn’t get to the final stage.
    Now they have fixed that transition, the Knights are broken and there is no loot until you complete the holo fight.

    I’m glad I have gone through it and I think it’s a decent way to end this section of the living story but my god, they don’t half need a test realm or something to iron this shit out, it would also help players out who are used to being able to look up boss strategies. I’m all for the fresh experience but as you rightly say, 90 minutes is a lot of time to invest in a whole lot of nothing. Had I not already got a sack full of loot from day one, my failures would have stopped me from going back.

  4. The knights not dropping loot is definitely a bug. Sorry to hear you had bad timing to experience that.

    I went through around 4 rounds of LA during the time period, in a group, wondering if it was possible that we sucked SO bad on the damage SO consistently, before becoming convinced there was something fishy going on. It was definitely disappointing during that period and I lost interest in doing further runs until it was fixed.

    The last hotfix is supposed to have fixed it though. Reports seem to differ. I’ve personally gotten the loot chests to pop, but some others apparently haven’t.

  5. (Or rather, the suspicion is they turned off the loot stream when the players developed the tactic of zerging down all three as one group, rewarding -every- person in LA with 15 champion bags per hour, and the ascended power cores were dropping at a rate that sent their price plunging to 1 gold or less.

    And then turned it back on again when they came up with a way to discourage zerging and hard limited the number of champ bags to 6.)

  6. Ugh! I’ve had that issue with the knights, too.

    If you craft and equip one of the spinal blade backpacks from materials that have been dropping from the Lions Arch events, you can get into the story instance to defeat Scarlet without going through all the knights and hologram events again. It gives a nice headpiece skin and some decent rewards. I’ve done it twice — actually saw the story instance before I could get on a server that defeated the hologram. Not sure if they’ve patched this or not, but it worked before.

    Info on the spinal blades:

    Info on the teleporter that allows you into the instance:

    If you try for it, I hope this works for you. Good luck! 🙂

  7. You’re pretty much echoing my thoughts on it. The one time we were able to get past the robots, my group failed on the prime hologram, in part due to a bug that prevented the light wells from forming for a while.

    This is my first experience with the Living Story after a long break from GW2, and I have to say it’s just been an utterly miserable experience in every conceivable way. I really can’t imagine what ArenaNet is thinking. It seems like they’ve decided to take the absolute worst elements of the game — story-telling, making people care about the world, group combat mechanics — and make them the focus of the experience.

    The funny thing is it’s still a very good game outside of the Living Story. I still thinking exploring the greater world is loads of fun. But this Living Story seems like a train wreck.

  8. Sometimes the zerg win the hologram fight, sometimes don’t That raid need a few more strategy and not everyone will know what to do.

    Anyway, you DON’T need complete the hologram raid for you to the last instance where you can solo Scarlet. If you have the backpack crafted and in your inventory or on your back, just go to the jumping fall, there is a purple teleporter there taht will send you directly to the last instance.

  9. ANet consistently attempt to adjust player behavior to how they think people should play rather than adjust content to how people prefer to play. They also clearly can’t produce bug-free content on a bi-weekly schedule. Other than that it’s all going very well…

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