Poll results: What y’all are playing

I just realized that I never did a follow-up post to the recent poll I put out regarding MMOs and MOBAs that you’ve been playing.  We had 468 votes (participants could vote for as many games as they liked).  So here’s the top ten, according to you:

  1. World of Warcraft (52 votes)
  2. Lord of the Rings Online (41 votes)
  3. [tie] Guild Wars 2 (39 votes)
  4. [tie] The Secret World (39 votes)
  5. The Elder Scrolls Online (36 votes)
  6. SWTOR (25 votes)
  7. RIFT (23 votes)
  8. Neverwinter (21 votes)
  9. [tie] Final Fantasy XIV (16 votes)
  10. [tie] WildStar (16 votes)

That’s a pretty solid top ten, no huge surprises.  The top 20 went on to include EVE, League of Legends, World of Tanks, Landmark, Star Trek Online, Marvel Heroes, TERA, Trove, DCUO, and Defiance/EverQuest II/MechWarrior Online/PlanetSide 2 (all of those tied for 20th).


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