Guild Wars 2: Once more unto the Breachmaker

breachDespite protestations about the live event, I did end up running the Scarlet fight a couple more times this past weekend.  Maybe it was seeing a lot of other people plow through this even in frustration at the bugs, maybe it was an email sent by ArenaNet’s PR saying that the problems were fixed (are they?  Sorta.), or maybe it was just a desire to see the end of the whole shebang.  You know how it is, you’ll show up for a TV finale even if you haven’t been the most loyal viewer this season.  You’re just curious how it’ll all end.

I lucked out with a very good group on Saturday morning that got through the entire hologram fight with no problem whatsoever (although I had groups after that that could not do it).  Still dang long, but actually winning it seemed worth it.  There’s a long ending cutscene that had me wondering what I missed, lore-wise — why’s Scarlet drilling?  Why does this lady have hiccups?  Is big-eyed Charr girl still bugging those eyes out?  Does this game honestly need MORE dragons?  Who at ArenaNet has a dragon fetish that cannot be satiated?  It prompted me to do a little back reading to fill in the gaps.  There’s parts of this game’s lore that causes my eyes to glaze over, but enough that seems interesting as well.

Above and beyond the fight, I realized that all of my activities had — without really trying — filled out 12/15 of the meta achievements.  A little effort past that and I got the goodie chest, which was certainly nice.

I think I might be done with Lion’s Arch for now, however.  I still much prefer to be running around the country side doing vistas/hearts/POIs/waypoints with other characters (mostly my Ranger), so I’ll probably be doing that for a while to come.


4 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Once more unto the Breachmaker

  1. João Carlos March 11, 2014 / 9:57 am

    A new dragon and a new ZONE… where the dragon was sleeping. The next living story season will be fun.

  2. bhagpuss March 11, 2014 / 10:21 am

    I don’t believe we have any confirmation form an authoritative source that we’re getting a new zone (or Map) although plenty of people seem to believe it. If someone from ANet has made a statement on it that I’ve missed I’d be grateful for a link.

    Other than that, if you can ignore the bugs and the very bad temper some players are in because of them then it’s not at all a bad event. Nowhere near as good as the Marionette but still fun enough that I’ve done the Knights getting on for a dozen times now and Scarlet’s Drill four or five.

  3. bronkitus March 11, 2014 / 10:45 am

    12/15 for the META? If you’re playing a little bit every day, look at your “PVE daily” category. One of those kill 10 rats line items for the day will be living story related (smack around aetherblades, participate in an assault knight event, participate in a rally point defense…). That line item will also count towards the living story meta achievement (even without completing 5/5 achievements on the daily).

  4. Ocho March 11, 2014 / 11:39 am

    Our tastes seem a little too similar at times. I *also* just got back into GW2, but am not touching the living story at all until I hit 80, which is coming fast and furious. I had issues with the unbalanced up-leveling mechanic. I was far underpowered, which may have to do with gear, but, then, it’s leveling gear, and is easily replaced with almost every drop, so whats the use in maxing. Started at 60 about a week ago, currently at 72. Almost there, but we’ll see how long I last.

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