Gabriel Knight 2: Gabe goes to college

(This is part of my journey playing through Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

The receipt I stole from Herr Doktor Totally Not Evil is my next major clue, so I examine it and find an address printed backwards on the back.  Since Gabe cannot read backwards — it’s a long story that probably involves mummies — I’ll need a mirror.  Back to the empty (and growing creepier by the minute) farm, where I take a look at the address.

mir1Pretty nifty, eh?  Reminds me of something The Secret World would have you do as part of an investigation quest.

Gabe heads into Munich — the only spot on the subway map that I haven’t gone to yet — and does a bit of sightseeing.  He saunters up to a meat market and asks what’s good…

mir2…and I’ll just leave y’all with that image and no additional commentary.

mir3Next to the meat market is an office building where the family lawyer works.  While Gabe looks up the suite, there’s a funny moment as a lady walks by, obviously checks out Gabe’s (non-existent and totally covered up) butt, then grins like she got away with murder.  Hey lady, eyes up here!

mir4Time to talk with the lawyer (he’s a “pup,” according to Gabe, who can’t quit with the canine puns) and enjoy the bizarre waiting screens as the game patiently awaits me to choose another dialogue options.  The characters stay mostly still except for some slight repeated movements every 20 seconds: Gabe wobbles his head and the lawyer sips from his mug.

The lawyer is a big fan of Gabe and offers to do anything to help, including translation and finding out a name of a guy who can analyze the wolf samples I’ve been picking up.  He also reveals that the receipt I picked up is a hunting license for a hunting lodge, a curious object for a zoo official to have.

mir5It’s time for Gabe to head off to college for wacky hijinks, coed flirtation, and games of ultimate frisbee!  Or he could go into the world’s ugliest biology lab and have this odd-looking scientist look at those samples.  Either way, it’ll make for a blockbuster movie.

The scientist says that the paw print is from an extraordinarily large wolf and that the hair Gabe found on the farm wasn’t from any species of wolf in the book.  Gabe posits that it might be a hybrid — the scientist looks puzzled until he says, “Oh, you mean when a dog and a wolf…”  There are hand gestures that follow that, but since this is a family blog and I wasn’t quick enough with the screenshot key, you’re not going to see it.

Deal with this disappointment.  It will train you well for life, my friends.


One thought on “Gabriel Knight 2: Gabe goes to college

  1. XyzzySqrl March 17, 2014 / 6:30 pm

    I always imagine that the second Gabriel leaves Ubergrau’s office his lawyer just marks him down for “Consultation, G. Knight, Misc Topics” and starts trying to work out how much he can charge for that.

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