Gabriel Knight 2: Join the club, dude

(This is part of my journey playing through Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

asd1Gabe’s thrilling adventures in werewolf hunting start out today with the spine-tingling excitement of… mailing that letter to Gracie, his assistant.  Because Gabe can’t do anything in this game without making a production out of it, he mugs for no one in particular while making duck lips and waving the letter around.  “This letter!” his body language projects.  “I have finally figured out its purpose!”  Good for you, Gabe.

asd2Further down the same street in Munich, Gabe finds the hunting lodge from Herr Doktor My Furry Pajamas Make Me Look Like A Wolf.  The host inside does this over-the-top outburst: “My GOD!  Do you realize you have wandered into a PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT!”   Unless you’re a Time Lord, bow ties are a universal sign for “uptight weasel dingbat.”

Gabe has a bit of fun verbally proding the weasel, but in the end the only in-road he can make is finding out that there’s a possibility of admission if Gabe can prove that he’s a member of “a prominent German family.”  Again, I’m SO not trying to go to the Nazi jokes with each one of these walkthrough columns, but could the game stop making me think of them?

asd3To get proof — because Alta Vistaing people in 1995 wasn’t like Googling them today — Gabe returns to his lawyer and incredibly beautiful secretary.  Gabe and the secretary share a look that has oceans of meaning behind it.  She is already naming their children in her mind and wondering if they will inherit their daddy’s long flowing locks and penchant for ticking off Germans everywhere.

asd4Papers in hand, Gabe returns to the hunting lodge and sticks it to the weasel, who still is ready to throw him out.  Gabe is saved by an invitation by Baron Von Glower, who brings him back to introduce him to the boys.

asd5The mood inside the lodge for this closing movie is, well, tense.  It’s weird.  Herr Doktor Glowerface isn’t too pleased to see me and he and a couple of others leave.  The remaining folks, including Von Glower, are hospitable.  I’m wondering what there is to do in a hunting lodge, exactly.  Just drink beer and stand around, if this group is any indication.  I would be a really horrible rich socialite, because this looks so boring.

And that’s it for chapter one!  Join us next time for (wait for it) chapter two!


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