Guild Wars 2: The aftermathening

aftermathGuild Wars 2 is taking somewhat of a bye week with this week’s Aftermath release.  The update turned off the Lion’s Arch attack spigot and triggered a small instance that allows players to talk with the principal NPC cast and, well, just chill for a bit.  It’s a very low-key affair but nicely done — and I can’t complain about getting a heap of free goodies for sitting through it.

Our guild was probably more excited about the new hairstyles in the store than anything else from this patch.  I’m happy with what my characters currently sport, but some of those female Norn ‘dos are tempting.  Man, I wish other games would introduce new hairstyles (*cough* LOTRO *cough*).

That’s it, however.  A breather for the Anet team as they get ready for whatever’s next.  It’s fine with me, as I’ve got plenty to do on my characters as it is.  I rolled my umpteenth Necromancer yesterday and started to read up on how to play one effectively.  Right now I’m enjoying running around with pets while slashing the living daylights out of mobs with my dagger.

It’s that first zone that’s always the toughest for the weaker classes, I’m finding.  Once I can get a character up through an entire 1-15 zone, then successive newbie zones provide more than enough levels so that I’ve got an advantage in stats and gear and skill points.  I’ve made this vow before, but I’m slowing down to smell the events when I come across them, especially to follow them through if they chain with one another.  There’s no real rush, anyway.


One thought on “Guild Wars 2: The aftermathening

  1. Jeromai March 19, 2014 / 9:12 am

    One very easy way to get a power boost in the early levels is to grab minor runes that give +10 power off the TP, and a minor sigil of bloodlust to install on your weapons. I find that makes leveling much more pleasant when one doesn’t take ages to kill things.

    I’m enjoying the breather too. Nice to have a pause every now and then.

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