The Secret World: Machine Bully

machineHell sure takes a pounding in The Secret World.  I think it’s a little weary of losing its status as a frightening vacation locale and being treated as a playground to a neverending swarm of tourists from Earth who keep shooting and slashing the heck out of the residents.

I joined up with Massively’s MJ and a few of her friends to run Hell Raised on nightmare mode last night, because why not?  Mama needs the loot and nightmare mode experience.

It was actually a pretty good run, all things considered.  We had a very experienced tank and healer at our disposal, and that covered for our noobishness and weaker gear.  None of the bosses presented too much of a challenge — I think we had maybe four wipes total among all of them — at least until the end.  On the second boss I got a really awesome new purple head DPS talisman which erases the mistake I made a long time ago of selecting a purple health head talisman from the Last Train to Cairo final reward.  Between that and my new shotgun, my purples have started to outnumber my blues and I’m seeing an increase in my effectiveness.

I ran a strike build last night that I kept tweaking.  I love shotgun dearly, although I truly wish it had a slightly longer range.

Anyway, the run was terrific right up until we hit Machine Tyrant, that awful (yet incredible-looking) final boss that features reflective bubbles and shooter hell in the form of constant bombings and roving crosshair attacks.  He’s nasty even on elite mode, and in nightmare, he’s… well, you get the idea.

We struggled a lot with him, because one wrong step and you’re dead — and if one person goes, there goes the fight.  He enrages after a few minutes if you can’t get him down fast enough, so four people really can’t take him.  Other than doing DPS my job was to purge a nasty condition that he put on us.

It’s a fight that requires just a whole heck of a lot of fancy footwork, situational awareness, and sheer luck.  It made me think of the other night in Guild Wars 2 when I was running a dungeon and someone was saying how challenging that was.  I choked back a laugh and said, “Mister, if you haven’t done TSW, you don’t know what challenging is.  This is cakewalk in comparison.”

The one PUG guy in our group wasn’t as patient as the rest of us, although he might have been more experienced, and he started getting frustrated at what he saw as lower-than-acceptable DPS.  I don’t think he was being mean about it, but he was asking us all a lot about our hit rating, which I guess was not up to par.  I’ll admit that I did notice that I was glancing too much and that I have a few holes in my gear that could use a glyph or signet.  But hey, it was a learning run, and even though we didn’t make it through, we had a good time, got some gear, and took some lessons away for the future.

My next step is to do a shopping trip in London.  I have some black bullion that I might be able to convert into another purple piece, and I should definitely make sure that all of my gear is signeted/glyphed up.

P.S. — I’m going to be doing some reading-up on nightmare runs and builds as well.  This thread seems particularly helpful for us DPS types.


8 thoughts on “The Secret World: Machine Bully

  1. Jeromai March 21, 2014 / 8:58 am

    That’s the thing I simply don’t understand about the traditional MMO model. If you are a good player, why should one have to jump through hoops and get differently colored gear with more stats on it, that miraculously makes you much more effective?

  2. Sylow March 21, 2014 / 9:42 am

    Without knowing your build or gear, one pointer: fever pitch. Even all-purple geared players often still use it in this dungeon, it’s effect is noticeable up to quite high hit ratings in this place.

    There’s basically two factors playing into this:
    1. Keeping players busy, since “normal” content is devoured much faster than it can ever be produced. All the “normal” gameplay in the open zones can be done (even easily with a reasonable setup) in green gear of appropriate level. Thus the grind for better gear, although they don’t need it, keeps them busy and in the game. If they move elsewhere, those customers are lost.

    2. Social interaction. Anything outside of the “high challenge” content can be done alone. All grouping there is optional. This is the legacy of WoW, which made the ability to play solo for most of the game one of its doctrines. Only in the so-called “endgame” players are encouraged (and now even forced) to work together to be able to win.

    3. Challenge. Everything “outside” can be done solo, and is quite easy even in medicore gear, as long as you manage to build reasonable setup (or copy it from a guide). Thus all “normal” content becomes trivial and boring after a certain point. TSW is a bit “better” in this aspect than many other MMOS, as the well done quest design, story and cutscenes provide fun which other MMOs lack. Still, when all missions are done and all cutscenes have been watched, what else is there? And most importantly: what is there which is still challenging you?

    Putting the challenge in dungeons is well accepted by the community. Would somebody place really hard missions into the open world, the crowds would run crazy and demand it to be nerfed, as it has happened often enough in many MMOs already.

    Thus, while TSW goes new paths in many aspects and actually unlike other MMOs actually does provide missions of somewhat higher challenge in the open world, i think they unfortunately had to restrain the challenge within certain limits there and can only go for maximum challenge within dungeons. (Some higher challenge in the open world already cost them a lot of players soon after launch. Even higher difficulty would have cost them even more players, so i am afraid they just can’t afford that. )

  3. Sylow March 21, 2014 / 9:43 am

    Bleh. Should have crossread my posting, despite this edit window being annoying. “Two points” and then counting to 3. Alas, i guess i fumbled a math again. 😀

  4. pkudude99 March 21, 2014 / 11:54 am

    As Sylow said — no matter your hit rating, adding in the Fever Pitch passive in HR is always a good idea. I have 653 hit rating normally on my gear now, which was as close to the “accepted number” of 650 that I could get, and I still glance left and right in HR if I don’t have Fever Pitch slotted.

    MT’s is a royal pain for sure. But when you do get him…. oh so very satisfying! TBH, I only recall downing him once for sure, and maybe one other time. Of course, I also tend to run in the “noobmares” groups, so we tend to be pretty undergeared for full completion either. Can usually get POL and DW done in noobmares, but HR you go in expecting 5/6 since MT is so nasty. <– that's the only time I'm 100% sure we got him, and the group I was in that night was surprisingly good for a noobmares group. MT still took us 9 tries. . . . . . .

  5. Sylow March 21, 2014 / 1:05 pm

    Another thing: if your groups complete damage output is low, it can be compensated for with a leech healer, as long as this one has appropriate gear. (Leech healing is one of the few roles where i dare to say that an almost complete set of custom talismans, with a full set of at least 10.2 glyps, is essential. ) I tend to enter this fight with AR and Shotgun. It compensates for lower damage output from beginner DDs with weaker gear or a DD lost halfway through the fight (but is not enough to compensate for a DD dying right at the start) and can fill in when the Cleanup rotation got messed up and thus reduces the pressure on the team a lot.

    These advantages are paid for with the requirement of all the team having at least some situation awareness. The tank has to be able to bring the MT to the wells on time. He can’t afford to run wide circles around some oblivious DDs, as now the shields being up doesn’t “only” mean that the MT takes no damage any more and reckless DDs kill themselves, but that no significant healing can happen, either. Thus the team has to be positioned properly and provide a clear path for the tank. Any DD killed by the MTs cleave because he didn’t clear the way to the well has to blame himself, the tank can’t afford to walk around. (But due the enrage timer, this is also true for any other setup, unless all the DDs are in 10.4 gear and deliver extreme damage. )

  6. Syp March 21, 2014 / 2:54 pm

    Good tips, thanks!

  7. tithian March 24, 2014 / 11:49 am

    Yup, Fever Pitch is essential for HR.

    Don’t feel too bad about the Machine Tyrant, killing that mother is a serious pain in the ass. Hell, of the first three nightmare modes, that fight is the hardest, so you can always go farm Polaris and DW and eventually you’ll have enough gear to murder him.

  8. Deadilluminati March 29, 2014 / 7:43 pm

    If you are new:

    Run AR/shotty with Hip fire/steady hip fire.
    If Decent run Pistol/shotty and just own.
    If you parse above 4-5K in other dungeons only run MDPS.

    Always run CU, if you die can’t WW from the well (plus the tank/healer will thank you), and Do or Die isn’t gonna make or break the fight.

    If low on DPS run DABS passives as the fight will take a few minutes anyway and X3-4 DABS will be more dmg than your passives will give.

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