Gabriel Knight 2: More fun with Xavier

(This is part of my journey playing through Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

x1It’s a new day in the game, but snooty ol’ Xavier is still wearing the exact same clothes since yesterday.  He informs Gabe that everyone is out and about, which makes me wonder what Xavier, y’know, does when that place is empty.  It pleases me to imagine that he skips through the halls singing showtunes.

Gabe interviews Xavier about the club, which he finds out was established in 1970 by Von Glower and has a membership of five people.  Xavier has the easiest job in the world, I’m just saying.  Five people?  Who show up once in a while to drink and then turn into murderous wolves?  Why can’t I get a job like that?

x2Doesn’t Gabe look like he’s levitating in this screencap?  That green screen doesn’t do the best job of meshing the two sometimes.

Gabe wanders around the lodge and discovers a locked room, but since his inventory has yet to be expanded with “lockpicks” or “sledgehammer,” I’m going to have to do the adventure game route of coming up with a bizarre setup.

x3Naturally this involves planting a cuckoo clock in a potted plant, because Gabe loves to play games with Xavier.  The idea here is that the clock’s alarm, when it goes off, sounds like knocking and Xavier will come back to check it out.  This fun activity has to be done twice: Once to take the keys out of the podium and once to put them back in once Gabe unlocks the mystery door.  Man, after all of that work, this better be the coolest room ever!

x4OK, it’s the coolest room ever.  There are tons of hunting trophies around, including endangered species and, oh yes, a human skull.  Plus lots of guns and high-powered rifles.  Gabe snarks, “What are these people hunting, ninjas?”  Doesn’t make much sense, but that’s amusing enough that I’ll let it pass.

Anyway, Gabe is caught by a club member but feigns ignorance and Xavier gets a talking-to.  With that bit of fun achieved, Gabe heads out and over to his new friend Von Glower’s house.

x5See, this is why I should never be rich.  I would hate getting this dressed up just to lounge around.  Is that a neckerchief with a robe?  Dang, you are a stylish dude!  Too bad you’re in league with Satan, but you’re still stylish!

“I find nothing more stimulating than a fresh companion,” Von Glower says in a not-at-all-creepy way to Gabe.  “New treasures to reap!”

Von Glower talks about the club and how each of the members were chosen for their great personal accomplishments, and how the group has a desire to get back to their physical natures.  Von Glower is very concerned that humans have lost the ability to be predators.  He’s all but broadcasting, “I AM A WEREWOLF!” although I’ll give the game credit: You don’t often see wine-drinking, philisophical werewolves in fiction.

The mention of the Black Wolf does startle Von Glower and cause him to spill his drink a bit.  He gets frantic covering up, talking about the recent murders, upset about the “pointless slaughter.”  But don’t you want to tap into your primal side?  Get back to nature?  Why doesn’t your club go hunting these “killer wolves”?

x6Cool mask, dude!  It’s Brazilian and I’m totally wearing that to Halloween next year.


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