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Gabriel Knight 2: Men Who Sit In Chairs And Talk A Lot

(This is part of my journey playing through Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

e1We’re back for another episode of Men Who Sit In Chairs And Talk A Lot.  On last week’s show, we chatted with Von Glower and his barely restrained primal urges, and this week we’re on to Von Zell, the aggressive tool.  He used to be a close friend with Von Glower but there’s some coldness and tension between the two now.  He’s really short with Gabe, but I can’t help but think that he’s spot-on about seeing through Gabe’s pretenses here — he identifies that Gabe is here on flimsy pretexes and is prying too much.

When asked about the basement trophies — which came from lands obviously far from Germany — Von Zell has a total snit fit and storms off.  Fun to see grown men acting like that!

e2This screen is the bane of my existence in Gabriel Knight 2.  It’s a long street that you have to cross repeatedly, and each time it just slooooowly scrolls as Gabe walks left or right.  I’m not a fan.

e3He wants YOU… to sit down in the chair and talk for a while.  Of course.  Wouldn’t want any action to interrupt all of the chair-sitting and chit-chatting that infests this game.  Gabriel has spent more time on his butt faffing about with various locals than he has boxing werewolves or having swan dreams.  C’mon already!

The police commissar is antagonistic because, let’s face it, Gabe is a smarmy jerk, but he agrees to answer a few questions about the case.  The guy says that there has been five killing so far, all in broad daylight and involving body parts strewn about.  So I guess that nice and neat chalk outline in the previous crime scene was there as decoration?  Or did someone reassemble the body?  Anyway, he thinks the culprit is a pet that’s being taken back to someone’s home.

Asking him about the Black Wolf actually triggers a reveal — the commissar remembers an old case from 1989 were a young girl disappeared and a witness said that she was attacked by a big black wolf.

I didn’t notice this until now, but there’s a handy “hint” button that suddenly appeared that shows which subway stops have tasks to complete to finish out the chapter.  Back to Huber farm for me!

e4Another day, another letter to Grace, another shot of Gabe’s tongue slathering up that envelope.  Again, why do they keep writing letters?  He could just call her on that modern telephone over there, since he knows she’s in the castle.  Heck, he could probably stick his head out of the window and yell to her.

Gabe calls a number that he copied down from the police station and finds out that the murdered guy knew one of the members of the hunting lodge.  He then reads through that werewolf book Grace sent him and I see that there’s a paragraph mentioning something happening in Brazil.  Like the mask, Gabe.  Like the… forget it.  It feels as though I know pretty much the entire plot of this game right now and am just waiting for Gabe to catch up.  The hunting lodge a werewolf den.  Von Glower is the Black Wolf and the alpha wolf of the pack.  The zoo guy probably let out the two wolves to cover for the killings.  Von Jerkface is a rogue killer who is making a mess of things and is on the outs from the group.  Grace is nuts.  Gabe likes to smirk.  Roll end credits.

e5Back to the Men Who Sit In Chairs And Talk A Lot club, this time for a fireside chat with Preiss.  He’s oozing sinister intensity, talks about seducing women, and generally makes Gabe uncomfortable.  I’m cool with that.

e6About this time everyone files in and the room becomes a strange cross-breed between the cast of the terrorists from Die Hard and a German soap opera.  Von Zell is remarkably snippy with Von Glower when the Baron says that Gabe can go on tomorrow’s hunting trip.  Frankly, shut up Von Zell — I want to shoot something and bag me a werewolf.  This argument is brought up again a minute or two later (after I bugged Von Zell via a tape recorder in a magazine because I am just that good) and the twit storms off.  He likes to storm off.  It’s becoming endearing.

e7Gabe returns to the farm for the night and finds a dead, mutilated rabbit (I think) outside the door.  A first-person POV shot — in Predator-cam, no less — shows a beast watching him.  The talisman that Gabe wears but is never seen except when it is convenient shields him from attack, however.

And that’s the end of chapter three!

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