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Guild Wars 2: Mesmerized

mez1As my recent posts about Guild Wars 2 have indicated, I’ve been dabbling in a lot of alts, trying to settle down and focus on just one.  Yet for various reasons I’ve been unsatisfied with my stable.  That led me to randomly logging onto my lowbie Mesmer on Friday and subsequently having an epiphany.

Originally, I really liked the idea of playing a Mesmer before the game ever launched.  I think I had one in the beta just to run around the newbie zone, but after GW2 went live, I could never stick with one.  They seemed tailor-made for frustration, as I kept dying between occasionally killing things at a very slow rate.  When I made my current Mesmer, I couldn’t even get her through some of the same basic skill challenges that my other characters had no problems with.

I don’t know what it was on Friday, maybe a willing to experiment or that ongoing personal challenge to get out of my comfort bubble, but I forced myself to spend an evening really investigating what I had here.  I played around with different weapon combos and found that the sword was actually great, visceral fun.  I started killing things quicker, and when I logged out I spent over an hour reading up on Mesmer guides.  I guess I kind of “got” what this class was about and became intrigued at the possibilities.

Temporary pets and messing with the enemy?  I can get behind that.  I started to ignore the whole clones/shatter angle and focused more on my phantasms, quickly swapping between weapon sets to summon different minions.  I think I’m becoming happiest with sword/pistol and scepter/focus as my two sets, and I’m definitely becoming more of a killing machine than I was in the past.

The subsequent two days of playing her showed me that this wasn’t a brief infatuation; I think I might really have a long-term prospect with my Mesmer.  Everyone says that the class is a late bloomer, so I’m taking it easy by going through all of the lowbie zones and working up those levels.  I’m getting more comfortable with her offensive and defensive line-up, figuring out how to deal with packs vs. single mobs, and generally enjoying how cool blurry sword attacks and purple butterflies look.

I should have been keeping up on her armor repair, however.  I was in the middle of a personal story instance when her chest armor just broke, leaving me to fight in my bright yellow flower bra.  Maybe it helped distract the enemy, I don’t know, but I didn’t want to leave to repair since it would reset the entire chapter.  Then I rushed over to Queensdale to jump on the champion train to help me with a couple of daily achievements, hoping that I’d see a repair vendor along the way.  Well, that didn’t happen and I started feeling very conspicuous.  “Naked newbie here!” my character’s looks shouted.  “Please keep your eyes up here!”

One other thing that I started to fiddle with on this character was trying out tailoring.  My every desire is to make more money by selling mats because I hate being broke, but making gear does seem like a good long-term goal if you’re going for ascended stuff.  I don’t know.  Right now I’ve stopped selling my mats and will see if this is something I can get behind.

I did splurge on a new killer whale Quaggan backpack, because I was not previously aware that there were cool cosmetic backpack skins in the trading post.  Another thing I only discovered this past weekend?  That the little red bars (or absence thereof) under the skill buttons indicate whether you’re in range to use that skill or not.  Always learning, I am.


4 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Mesmerized

  1. The mesmer alt is a riot to play, and as stated pretty much everywhere, the mesmer really takes off as you get those utility skill and adept/master traits bought. It is super easy to switch back and forth in the field between a group support build with lots of (traited) projectile reflects and AOE condition removal and a more direct “slaughter all the things” setup. The shiny glamor fields are great to self combo off of with the sword skills.

    Running with a PVE champ train, you’ll find swiftness an issue, focus is the only reliable self source if you aren’t running with runes of the centaur.

    You will find in PVE lands you need to dodge A LOT. Don’t forget your food with endurance regen boost.

  2. Mesmer is such an interesting class. It’s given me as much frustration as joy, but I stuck with just because it’s so unique and such an interesting challenge to puzzle out. I wish more games had creative classes like this.

    I also found switching to swords made a big difference. Seems like being melee would be suicide for a class like that, but somehow, it works. Most of the time. Plus, any time you can use a sword as a caster is a good day.

  3. I learnt to not go to one against one when my ranger find an enemy mesmer at WvW. A well played mesmer are a pain at pvp.

  4. In terms of phantasms, the iBerserker on GS is great as it is AoE and cripples, good for snaring mobs and grabbing their attention away from the mesmer on the initial pull (mobs usually attack the closest target that attacks them first). Combined with Sword/Focus (more cripples and another great AoE phantasm) is a popular build. Getting the +health trait and the signet makes your phantasms sturdier, but at low levels don’t think they last too long. The new heal signet that lets you recast a phantasm would be good idea too, allowing two iBerserkers up at the start of the fight but it costs 25 skillpoints. Melee champion mobs can be kited around if their attention is on the mesmer and 2 or 3 iberserkers are up and attacking/crippling. It’s good to play around with immobilising mobs with sword #3 or pulling mobs with focus #4 towards the iWarden, dropping temporal curtain on top of the iWarden when it is whirling acts as an AoE condi cleanse.

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