Gabriel Knight 2: Wallowing in Wagner

(This is part of my journey playing through Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

b1Grace’s museum trip dug up a few interesting details, but now she’s about to head off on a different direction — to meet a strange man with a sexy voice and the same Ludwig II painting that everyone seems to have.  This is Herr Josef Dallmeier, some Ludwig expert.  He’s peachy.

Grace goes to another museum, this one devoted to Wagner.  She does a bit of shameless flirting with the desk host to get in (and it is just so pathetic:  Him: “You are alone, aren’t you?”  Grace: “Endlessly!”).

b2Ah, the 90s, when every FMV game looked like an extra set on Myst.

b3Looks like Wagner was trying to help Ludwig out with something.  A cure for lycanthropy?  Music and architecture and crystals and acoustics?  Hm.  So who wants to bet that Gabriel gets bitten and has to use the Ludwig/Wagner invention to get cured by the end of the game?  Again, just a guess, but coy this game is not.

b4Grace goes back to flirting with the desk guy.  He says that Ludwig came along late in Wagner’s life and helped save his music.  Grace asks about this lost Wagner opera, but the guy doesn’t know much about it.  Well, you’re a bucket of help.

I swear, if this game is trying to Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago me and try to teach me historical facts on the sly, then I’m going to go into its code and start pulling strings out.


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