Quality toilet time and Diablo III

Food poisoning sucks.  I’ve never had it before, but boy howdy did I make up for that oversight this past weekend.  My wife, my one-year-old and I all got it within a couple of hours of each other, and let me tell you that there’s nothing like trying to care for a projectile-vomiting little kid while you just want to be curled around the toilet yourself.

I bring this up because my gaming plans for the weekend got preempted by all of this, which is to say that I didn’t get to game much at all.  About the only thing I did was to reinstall Diablo III to see how the expansion updates changed the game.  From about 20 minutes into Act 1 I can’t see any huge changes, but it’s been over a year since I last played it, so I barely remember what it used to be like.

I did have one thought pertaining to MMOs from this brief expedition into D3, which is that I kind of really like the 3D isometric perspective — and I wouldn’t mind having that same view for an MMO.  Your character and everything else is smaller, sure, but you get a much greater sense of your surroundings.  It reminds me a lot of the worlds of Baldur’s Gate II and Fallout and those older RPGs.  Even though I’m not face-first into the surrounding details, the total sum of everything in the area sort of makes up for that.

Maybe there are MMOs apart from action-RPGs that do this, but it’s early on a Monday morning and my facilities have yet to be brought back online fully.  Ultima Online, definitely.  Salem?  I recall that there’s a sandbox MMO in the making, Albion Online, that uses this perspective and I definitely liked the look of it, at least.


7 thoughts on “Quality toilet time and Diablo III

  1. I played DOFUS with that view but was irritated by constantly leaving areas and reloading…And I really want to play BASTION which I think has that view…

  2. Oh and sympathies with the ‘Food Poisoning’, I remember the first time I ever had it I though I was dying! With kids it is truly difficult…never had a def con 1 episode yet with everyone down…worst case so far was both sons and wife throwing up 😦 I was cleaner and nurse! I swear its my love of spicy food that save me every time!

  3. Check out Marvel Heroes sometime. It is free, and even if superheroes aren’t your thing, it is an excellent example of merging Diablo gameplay with more traditional MMO systems. Little things like a low-CD hearthstone, the ability to teleport to teammates (right-click on portrait), and buff, kill, and loot sharing even when not grouped help merge the two styles effectively.

    If you do check it out, play through the tutorial, then Chapter 1. After that, try out the modes Midtown Manhattan and X-Defense. That should give you a good idea of how they have done the genre. There are 10-man raids on the way as well.

  4. Jeez, I had food poisoning once. A month straight of agony — one of the worst experiences of my life. They thought I had appendicitis for a while. In retrospect, I think it might have been something really serious — salmonella or something.


    As for Diablo III, the biggest change prior to act five or unlocking adventure mode is that you can adjust difficulty on the fly now. I found this a hugely positive change, because I didn’t have to wade through content that was too easy for me for hours before finding a decent challenge. If you’re able to handle higher difficulties, you can also level amazingly fast now, because higher difficulties grant huge bonuses to XP and gold find.

    Aside from that, the main changes are that it’s a lot easier to get good gear now, and some class changes. Some of the new wizard spells are really fun.

  5. The main change is that you can actually get cool stuff for your character now by just playing the game, rather than by scrounging for gold to go hit the auction house. In Acts 1-IV the vast majority of loot that drops will be tailored for your character, both in the type of items that drop and the stats those items possess. In Act V I noticed I started getting a lot more other-class-specific items and stats, but whether that was intentional or just the RNG playing with me I don’t know.

    Such a simple change has had a dramatic change on how much fun my friends and I are having with the game. We dropped it a few months after release, but are now likely to all have characters at the level cap.

    Hard seems to be the new normal, as far as I can tell, so play that for a reasonable challenge, even from level 1.

  6. What you’ve you eaten? food poisoning is really annoying, its very tiring, makes wanna just sit beside the toilet feeling really weak, glad that you are okay now..

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