My WildStar crew, part 2

And here are my efforts to create fun-looking characters over on the Dominion side of things:

cass1It might just be me, but it seems as though Cassians get better options, especially in the hairstyle department.  Seriously, how could I *not* choose this ‘do?  She’s classy and bossy and has far longer arms than I do.

cass2Well there’s a face that only a mother could run screaming away from.  Since I almost never roll characters with horns, I don’t see myself playing a Draken.  So might as well have fun with the look, right?  In a weird way, I could see this growing on me.

cass3The Chua have some of the best character creation options, I have to say.  You can go super-cute, but you can also ugly/weird them up something fierce.  A chubby Chua with torn ears, a black eye, and snaggleteeth?  I’m kind of in love with him.

cass4Props to Carbine for allowing a few Mechari faces that look far more robotic than pseudo-humanoid.  I really like this “tennis racket” design and the color scheme that went with it.

Interestingly enough, after creating eight characters from all eight races, I must say that Dominion has more looks that appeal to me than Exile.  At least I have options depending on which side my guild rolls!

2 thoughts on “My WildStar crew, part 2

  1. Yeah Dominions are more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion.

    I like you tend to stay away from horned or beast like characters and had initially thought I’d be opting for a Mechari as my main, after playing around with the character creator last beta weekend however I fell in love with the Draken models. Im a bit surprised you opted for a female draken as the males look a lot better. Also note you can get the sawn off horn look ala Hellboy ( I wish there was a ‘no horn’ option but hey its close enough).

    So yeah, Male draken warrior for my main

  2. I love the way Mechari look – UNTIL they start walking. It’s like they have a spring at the bottom of the spine – it is so bouncy. I know that is petty, but it drove me nuts while levelling. I can’t do Chua, and the Draken no go.. so I’ll be playing a lot of Cassian I suppose =)

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