Sorting through musical history

I began collecting MP3s back in… 1999, it was?  I remember converting my old CDs and downloading new tunes on Napster via a dial-up connection (one song in 10 minutes… what futuristic technology is this?).  Since then my collection has certainly grown, although mostly I’ve specialized in soundtracks (movies and video games).

It’s also become a huge, bloated mess.  I have a decade-and-a-half of files sitting in various folder categories, and while some are quite organized, others haven’t been touched since I originally attained them.

So one of my recent projects is to listen through and sort out my “pop/rock” folder which contains some 2,000 tracks.  Going through the folder has horrified me how slapdash my previous approach was, since most of these songs haven’t been formatted according to my current (post-2007) scheme.  Some have song titles first, then band names.  Some don’t have band names at all.  Some are all in lower-case.  And so many of them I didn’t bother to rate, which is a quick visual indicator how good I think a song is (one + for good, two ++ for favorite, nothing for adequate).  I don’t even remember ever downloading quite a few of these songs or what I was thinking for keeping them for so long.

I’ve been deleting, renaming, and re-rating a lot of them, which should feel really good once it’s all said and done.  Next up after that with my music projects?  Finishing listening through the Elder Scrolls Online soundtrack and then going through 250 new video game music tracks from the latest Game Music Bundle.  Hey, $10 for 250 tracks is too good to pass up!

One thought on “Sorting through musical history

  1. While what I mike as MP3s these days falls out of my CD ripper with properly formatted files, I never cared much about them. I focus on getting my ID3 tags right and go by that, it seems at lot less problematic. Easy to manage in a database, and very portable. (I moved from mpg123 to an iPod and iTunes, to a rockbox’d sansa, and never had any problems.)

    Well, except for genre tags. The baseline pre-defined categories are too broad, and free-text tags just become a mess.

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