Gabriel Knight 2: Two months later

(This is part of my journey playing through Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

With the lost Wagner opera and instructions in hand, Grace and Georg join forces to smile weirdly at each other.  And then…

two1Wait, what now?  The game just skipped ahead two months?  Has Gabe been languishing inside of a German tourist dungeon that entire time?  Because I’m totally fine with it.

two2This is by far the most cheery room in the entire game.  It’s the theater and Grace is getting ready to take in a show.  I feel that I must constantly remind my reading audience that this is both a game that has cannibalism, Bavarian history, and opera performances — and somehow makes it work in conjunction with each other.  Seriously, what did the planning sessions for this game look like?

two3Oh, I guess Gabe’s upgraded from dungeon to opera dressing room.  Has he been lying down for two months now?  I would have thought that you could be pretty mobile and “normal” following a werewolf infection shortly after being bitten.  Maybe he’s hamming it up so that Grace will nurse him while wearing those attractive khaki pants.

two4In the main auditorium, one of the actors is complaining about being a mute bird-thing or whatever.  Oh, the glory of the opera!  One hour until showtime.

There’s a lot of preparation tasks that Gracie has to do to trigger the opera and without exception, all of them are boring and I shan’t be recalling them in this space.  Basically all you need to know is that Grace is setting up some sort of trap for Von Glower and has invited the Komissar here as well.

two5One of her tasks is to shovel coal into the furnace and light it up.  Grace looks absurdly pleased to be handling coal, which makes me think that she missed her calling as an engine room worker on the Titanic.

gabenutsGrace locks Gabe away in the basement as the show gets ready to begin, and only then informs him that the theater measurements aren’t quite right and that the crystals in the chandeliers might not work.  Gabe flips OUT at this, invoking every word that makes this an M-rated game.  Is it the beast within or an actor milking the giant cow?  I can’t decide.

glowerThe opera begins and Grace uses her little opera binoculars to confirm that both Von Glower and the Komissar are there and sitting in the same section.  Von Glower is looking smugger than usual and Grace jinxes the entire thing by inner monologuing that he has no idea about the trap.

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