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Guild Wars 2: But do you like my *hair*?

sh1I had a very busy and productive night in Guild Wars 2 yesterday, and I’m here with all the vim and vigor that I can muster at 7:37 in the morning to tell you about it.  I think there were things.  Also, lights.  Booms.  Loots.  And a pig.


Ah, that’s better.  So the May monthlies started up yesterday, and I noticed to my delight that I could work on three with one effort: champion slayer, group event, and events.  You know what that means!  Woo-woo, all aboard the train!

Even with the April feature pack nerf to the Queensdale champion train (less money and a weaker rotation now that the champion wasp has been demoted), players have stubbornly stuck with it and I still find it’s a good spot to go if I need to get daily events or daily champions out of the way.  The megaserver has screwed things up for it, however, as different servers apparently do the champs in different orders and often we had multiple zergs and irritated folks.  But there was also a good streak where everyone got their stuff together and I racked up some 45 champion kills in a row.  By the end of the night I was 2/4 on my monthlies, which I consider a very good start.

Flush with my allowance, I sprung for a few gems to buy the aviator cap (which looks adorable on my Asura) and a hairstyle kit for my Norn Ranger.  I’m not entirely sure if I like this hairdo or not, but it could indeed grow on me and I love the color.

There was a good break in the train while everyone did Shadow Behemoth, which was great fun and delivered a nice fat chest full of loot.  I’d like to do more world bosses now that there’s the new schedule, but champ farming is definitely more relaxing.

Interestingly enough, my best loot from the evening came from regular champion mobs that coughed up two exotics: a spear and a staff.  I sold the spear on the trading post, but the staff is incredibly good for an 80, with lots of power, condition damage, and a sigil for +5% damage.  That’ll be great for one of my casters, if I ever do get one to 80.  Either my necro or mesmer, I haven’t decided.

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