Weekend Gaming Report

throwupAll things considered, it wasn’t a terrible gaming weekend at all, even though I found myself logging out to go to bed early over the past few days.  Need to catch up on me sleep!

Guild Wars 2

I broke my past record in finishing up monthlies — I got four May monthly achievements done by May 3rd.  With that out of the way, I mostly focused on playing my Necromancer.  She leveled from 24 to 32, which not only unlocked her traits but her elite Flesh Golem skill.  Life got a lot better now that I have a hard-hitting beast with me.

I’ve been doing some reading up on necros and adjusting my playstyle accordingly.  I might be angling for a power build, so instead of a pack of minions following me around I have settled for the golem and the blood fiend with two signets and one well.  I can see why people like wells — they’re great AoE damage that can decimate groups rather quickly.  And attacking with her lightning-fast dagger is, in a weird way, a very relaxing way to go about playing.  Nothing too complicated, just slashing and bashing her way through the zones.

I do want to mention that the Charr cub event in the Ascalon beginner zone continues to be one of the most amusing ones in the game.  Even though it takes just shy of forever to do, the three smack-talking cubs are hilarious to follow.  “I’m too pretty to die!”  Man I have said that so many times myself.

Lord of the Rings Online

Isengard is finally behind me, as I finished up with Volume III.  It was… OK, I guess.  A little anticlimactic.  You don’t get to smack around Saruman, but instead have to go find yet another captive Ranger.  The Ent sessions were amusing (if not particularly rewarding, item-wise) but the limitations of the game engine meant that we didn’t get to see the flooding of Isengard take place, just before and after stuff.

So anyway, I’m back in Fangorn to do the new quests there.  I’m almost afraid to log onto my Lore-master to see how badly she got hit with the mob buffs from Update 13; part of the fun of playing her was how overpowered my pets were.

Diablo III

I went ahead and purchased Reaper of Souls from Amazon for $37 as a treat to myself.  I immediately rolled a Crusader and put her into expert mode — and let me tell you, the game is not kidding at that level.  Maybe you need to have a lot of gear to pass down or an experienced character or something, because as a new character I got kicked up and down the field, sometimes quite literally.  Regular mobs take a long time to down, packs are insanely deadly, and signature mobs are nail-biting events.  The challenge is welcome although I wonder if it’s actually too steep for me to overcome with the tools at my disposal.  Right now I don’t have great AoE attacks (my secondary can only be used a few times before needing to refill my wrath bubble) or a follower.  On the upside, leveling certainly comes quicker in expert mode, so maybe I just need to persevere and things will get better.

That doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning my hard-mode Witch Doctor journey, which is currently in the middle of Act II.  As with any video game desert level, I’m not visually engaged with it, but so far it’s not terrible either.  At least I was able to smack down Magda once and for all to get a little justice for Deckard Cain.


One thought on “Weekend Gaming Report

  1. coppertopper May 5, 2014 / 1:57 pm

    with a few gear upgrades you’ll have no problem with the Crusader in a few levels!

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