Space Quest II: It takes the berries from the basket and rubs it on itself

(This is part of my journey playing through Space Quest. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

la1Roger is still lost and mostly clueless, but at least he’s making good time!  He finds a swamp, where that little Pinkun runs across.  Should I follow him?  It beats mucking around here, I guess.

Entering the swamp, the game treats us to one of the most vivid and detailed descriptions of what our hero is going through:

la2Well put.

la3Of course, I don’t last long here.  The game does a great job with this death: The first screen has the swamp monster pop out of the water behind you, then it goes back down and you see bubbles growing nearer until you are captured.

That’s why we gots these berries, folks.  Time to rub the smelly things all over Roger’s body and be very grateful that this game came out well before Smell-o-Scope was a standard feature for Windows 8.  In the game’s words, “You smell like a walking ammonia inhalant.”

la4The swamp has one deep spot that is perfect for diving and spelunking.  Even though this game utilizes ancient EGA graphics and filled-in vector drawings, I do appreciate the creativity that is used for the screens (especially the foreground and cutaways).  Roger finds a glowing gem that’s there because… someone likes to hide glowing gems in underwater swamp caves?  Maybe it’s the swamp monster’s hideout?  Who knows.

Roger swims like a total dork, by the way.

la5Nothing like a classic Robin quote to make me feel right at home.  Remember when this game used to be about science fiction and space?  I don’t quite recall what that was like.

la6Roger… you’re hopeless.

la7While passed out, Roger has a dream about Leisure Suit Larry.  I think that at the time, one of this game’s devs was also working on LSL simultaneously.

Long story short, Roger awakens in a cage and knocks his captor out with one of those paralyzing spores from earlier.  He grabs a rope and then decides to make his way down to the underground.

la8This will not end well.  Mark my words.

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