Space Quest II: Another day, another underground adventure

(This is part of my journey playing through Space Quest  II. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

wing1I want to start today’s adventure by showing the game over message.  There’s nothing about it that I do not like, from the insult “wing nut” to the fact that the entire internet is watching me blow it.  It’s so polite, isn’t it?

wing2Swinging past the monster and landing on the left ledge is a hair-raising experience.  You have to be patient to wait until you’ve got enough momentum, which means that you’re going to endure at least three swings where the monster is taking swipes at you.  Let go after the third swing and you’re golden.

wing3Man, it’s a really good thing that I picked up that gem from way earlier!  Here’s another good example of how you could get to a point in the game and, if you hadn’t done something very specific earlier on, you’d be at a dead end with no way to go back and fix it.  Modern adventure games have long since abandoned such tactics.

wing4Roger stumbles down a hole into a valley and reunites with his good friends, the Pinkuns.  Brought to you by the minds who made up Snarf, Jar-Jar, and the Smurfs.

wing5To get out of the canyon, you have to say, literally, “the word” to the little guys to get them to help you escape.  Murdering them, unfortunately, is not an option no matter how frustrating their giggles might be.

wing6How did… how did the game know?

This marks the beginning of another frustrating sequence, this one tasking you to navigate a cave maze in which you can only see a very little bit of it at a time.  The overall goal is to go as far south and east as possible, but it involves a bit of backtracking to make it happen.

wing7This made me chuckle.  Navigating an underground river wrong prompted a journey off of a waterfall and a comic-style “aauggh!”

wing8The right way to get out, oddly enough, is to voluntarily get sucked into a giant whirlpool.  Man, I am sick of this planet.

wing9This is a tricky part.  To get through the wall, Roger has to blow his terror beast whistle — and then almost immediately toss the cubix rube that he better have picked up from the very second screen in the game to the beast or else get pounded flat.

wing10Rubix Cubes were one of the dumber fads to come out in the 80s.  Look it up, kids!

wing11Then it’s just a question of getting past this guard at the launch pad.  A rock in an athletic supporter makes one fine and dandy slingshot, plus the game compliments me on the solution.  Yay me!

wing12I think that this is the most detailed picture of Roger Wilco that we’ve seen to date.  Anyway, after all of his trials and tribulations on Labion, Roger has a ship and a will to get out of there.  Blastoff!

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