Space Quest II: You’ve just got to know how to pack

(This is part of my journey playing through Space Quest II. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

The takeoff sequence for the ship is actually a little involved, although it’s pretty logical and actually the most science fictiony thing that’s happened in this game for a while.  Yay!  We’ve finally stolen a spaceship and left the planet Labion for good!  Life doesn’t suck any more!  Let’s use our newfound freedom to

ast1Ah crap.  Life sucks again.

ast2Vohaul takes control over Roger’s stolen ship, but instead of plowing it into the ground, ejecting Roger into space, or even having him land in the middle of Guard Central, Vohaul guides him onto his asteroid fortress and kind of leaves him alone.  Your mistake, mister!

bobcoI both want to and do not want to know what hamster tape does.

ast3If you’re not getting a Star Wars Death Star vibe by now, then I have no hope for you.  I mean, we’re going to go confront a pudgy bald villain who is hooked up to various high-tech life support machines.  On his giant space fortress.  All I need now is the Force!

ast4Or, barring that, toilet paper.  Roger is in his element as he plunders janitorial supplies left and right — toilet paper, a plunger, a wastebasket, and some other stuff.  Some heroes are made.  Some are born that way.  And some clean up the messes of the universe with nary a scrap of thanks.

ast5One of the prisoners bonks Roger on the head and makes him into a meatball.  I like how encouraging the game is being here, however.

ast6 ast7Alien reference for the win!  Also, this bit of exposition made me laugh.

By the way, you do NOT want to let the alien “french kiss” you, especially if you know the movies.  You’ll be fine… at first.  But that does not last.

ast8Did this game save up all of its funny for the last bits?  I’m not complaining too much, mind you.  Meta references also for the win!

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