Space Quest III: The dos and don’ts of garbage collecting

(This is part of my journey playing through Space Quest III. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

Let’s get serious about getting off this garbage scow, shall we?  Time to pick up everything we come across and…

rog1What, you’re dead already?  From trying to pick up a piece of metal?  How badly do you have to fumble that to slice open your arteries?  I’m asking a whole bunch of rhetorical questions here.

rog2In other news, this game wants you to die.  Someone also had a little TOO much fun drawing these grisly death screens.  Better that than taking it out on their puppy, I suppose.

rog3Roger keeps returning to the conveyor belt because he didn’t have the most well-adjusted childhood.  That’s not a playground, Roger.  That’s a thousand and one ways to die, as programmed by Sierra.  You have to stand up and jump rather quickly to get to the save ledge, although this is made easier by the fact that the game pauses when you start typing commands.  The text parser also remembers the last command you’ve entered.  Those are welcome changes from the previous games!

rog4Roger’s high-walking act takes him right into the control room with banks of computers stolen from 1954.  Again, so glad that he walks faster than a diseased tortoise now.

zotOops!  Mustn’t dally on the next reload, I guess.  You robots aren’t very nice, has anyone ever told you that?

rog5Roger hops into the high-tech claw machine and takes it on a merry ol’ spin around the garbage ship.  The goal here is to pick up a warp motivator from the very first screen and then plop it into this shuttle here.  I’m so proud of myself that I did it on my first try.

Also, giant LEGOs and Tinker Toys.  What planet has this ship been scavenging from?

rog6Roger jumps out of the grabber and falls down a chute into this more sinister area.  I say “sinister” because rats start peering down from above and the “Jaws” theme begins to play.  I’m sure that this will end with laughter and birthday cake, however.

rog7Guess we’re going to have to put that birthday cake on hold, as Roger is mugged by a large rat, who steals his generator.  I love the indignant look on Roger’s face here.

He has to go all the way back to the rat nest, reclaim the generator, and take their ladder once and for all.  Considering that these rats have wired up the lights, I’m thinking that they’re smarter than the average rodents.

rog8Eventually, Roger makes his way on board the ship, which is called the Aluminum Mallard.  Y’know, instead of the Millenium Falcon?  Oh, the puns don’t stop coming in this franchise!

Roger fixes the ship up with the generator and starts the pre-launch sequence:

rog9So much cooler than any ship Roger’s owned before, let me tell you.  Eight options!

rog10rog11Male drivers, am I right ladies?  Sheesh.

Roger’s education in ship piloting is an *ahem* crash course in fun.  Between smashing the thing and accidentally blowing himself up, it’s a wonder the game doesn’t install itself on me.  But good news — once I learn the sequence, Roger is outta there!

One thought on “Space Quest III: The dos and don’ts of garbage collecting

  1. pkudude99 May 15, 2014 / 1:37 pm

    Ya know, I must have actually played SQ3, becuz your screenies are jogging memories for me on this one, where SQ1 and 2 simply were fun reads. And yet…. without the screenies, I still don’t recall ever actually having played it either. But I do remember having to turn on the radr sthe ship wouldn’t crash into the ceiling, and I think lately a very annoying sequence of having to shoot down the baddies attacking.

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