Space Quest III: Astro Chicken!

(This is part of my journey playing through Space Quest III. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

ch1Other than scarf down a meal, the only thing left to do at Monolith Burger is to play a video game called Astro Chicken.  Correction: To play a LOT of Astro Chicken.  It’s actually part of the plot, which you may have noticed has gone AWOL now that Arnoid is no longer a driving threat.

ch2Astro Chicken by Scum Soft.  A dig at MicroSoft?  I dunno, lots of software companies had “soft” in the name back in the 80s.

ch3When you start up a game, a chicken (of the astro variety, no doubt) is dropped from space and bounces hard when it hits this pad.  The goal is to flap its wings and guide it back to the pad for a safe landing, which is far, far easier said than done.  There’s a FAQ for it, that’s should tell you something.

And you must do this successfully 10 times.  At least the music is funky.

ch4A successful landing.  Not pictured: The 50 times before this that I blew up the chicken.

Actually it’s not that bad once you learn a few things.  Slowing the game speed down helps a lot, as does realizing that the up arrow both starts AND stops your wings flapping (down merely focuses the chicken on dropping straight down).  Once I got the hang of that, I did 10 in a row easy.

ch5That’s when this secret code pops up — a code that can be decifered with the ring that Roger got in his happy meal.

The message reads: “Help us! we are being held captive by ScumSoft on the small moon of Pestulon.An inpenetrable force field surrounds the moon.  It must first be deactivated.  It’s origin is unknown to us.   ScumSoft security is armed with jello pistols.  We’re counting on you whoever you are.  Two guys in trouble”

Jello pistols?  And why should Roger care?  Oh, because he’s the hero.  Well, I’ll consider it, if nothing else than for the effort in getting this SOS message out.

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