Space Quest III: The Planet Oregano… er, Ortega

(This is part of my journey playing through Space Quest III. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

or1While the distress call mentioned Pestulon, the Aluminum Mallard’s scanner doesn’t pick up that planet yet — so I guess we’re off to the volcanic Ortega instead.  Should be a hoot.

or2And by “hoot,” I mean “a Roger-melting nightmare.”  Guess it’s time to wear that thermal underwear that I picked up at Fester’s!

or3Roger starts to question why a cruel and all-powerful player would make him explore such an inhospitable place.  It takes some fancy footwork to cross an unstable rock ledge without plummeting into the lava below.

or4A little ways from the ship, Roger stumbles on a ScumSoft surveying crew.  They promptly blast him with their jello guns and the game informs me that Roger then suffocates.  In jello?  How strong is this stuff?  I would think that Roger would be both motivated and strong enough to break free from jello.  I mean, if senior citizens without dentures can tackle it, why not a space janitor?

or5A little patience pays off.  The ScumSoft crew leaves and Roger lunges for the telescope to discover both the moon of Pestulon and the force field generator that’s protecting it.  An entire moon.  With that little thing.  It’s scifi, so don’t question the scale or logistics!

or6Disabling the force field is surprisingly easy.  Suspiciously easy, almost.  Roger walks up to the top, lobs in a detonator, and walks down, all the while unchallenged by droid, guard, or developer obstacle.

or7That’s more like the cruel and unforgiving Space Quest that I know!  Roger pole vaults his way to safety (getting a 9.5 score from the Romanian judge) and blasts off this hot rock.

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