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WildStar indecision

While being laid up this weekend would have aligned nicely with a new MMO launch, it’s probably for the best that WildStar is still a week away.  You’d think I would have all of my decisions locked down for what I’m rolling, but no, I’m still questioning just about everything.

Grinny, help walk our readers through what I’m thinking:


I’m definitely more partial to the Exiles, with their scrappy can-do rebel tone.  However, it looks as though our multi-game-multi-guild guild may be going Dominion instead, which I guess is acceptable but not preferable.  There’s some talk about doing two guilds, one for each faction.  I always have a choice of rolling two main characters, but I’d rather focus on just one for the first month or two.  If everyone goes Dominion and I stay fixated on Exile, then I’m going to need to do a lot of last-minute scrambling to find a guild with as many of my friends as possible.


This should have been a lock; I’ve been pretty adamant that I’ll be rolling a Medic as a main.  It’s got qualities that I like — medium armor, a neat look, healing capabilities — while pushing me slightly outside of my comfort zone.  But that comfort zone has been a-calling, whispering me with entreaties to roll an Engineer.  Listen, I know I’d love the Engineer, but I don’t want to get in that same situation I always do where my first class is such a perfect fit that any subsequent characters come up short.  I suppose if I end up going dual-faction, then I won’t have to pick between them… but I’d have a lot less time for any one character.


I was dead set on being a Scientist in order to get to know the lore of this new world a lot better.  But I made the mistake (genius move?) of reading the Scientist forums and seeing just how disatisfied most people are with this path.  By all accounts, it’s often tedious and not very involving, with players combing areas for one last clickie while Explorers have giant arrows leading them around.  So as of late I’ve been thinking a lot more about just going Settler — building is fun and it’s definitely different than activities I’ve partaken in MMOs to date.


The question here is “to craft or not to craft?”  If I craft, I’ll go architect to make fun things for my house.  But despite my resolution with every new MMO to give crafting a try, I think my love of accumulating wealth will win out.  If I just take two gathering professions, I can make more money in those initial money-starved weeks and hopefully buy either the housing decor or CREDD that I want.

7 thoughts on “WildStar indecision

  1. I think someone at Carbine got Explorer and Scientist the wrong way round at an early development meeting and decided to bluff it out rather than lose face.

  2. Having tried it during the open beta, I can confirm being a scientist pretty much sucks. It’s mostly just a lot of tedious collection quests for little or no reward.

    Being a settler, on the other hand, was pretty awesome, and everyone in your zone will love you.

  3. I read on Gizmoff’s Pre-Launch Guide ( that you can take all the tradeskills eventually, and switch between them at will with just a long cooldown timer. So, you can technically start with two gathering professions, and then work your way through the rest. You need money for CREDD? Switch to gathering for a few days. Want to make some items for your house? Switch over again.

    That is, however, the only place I have found that little tidbit of news, so I am slightly skeptical, but I will be trying to switch them.

  4. I can’t decide, and will likely dabble in a bit of everything. I played little enough beta to maintain some interest, and discoverability. That said, I wish I knew more people interested in playing. It’s in that dangerous no-man’s land of people I hang out with hearing about it, but no one committing to playing. So I really should just find an online guild, for old dudes without enough time to REALLY get sucked into an MMO again.

  5. After beta I could never roll Dominion. Just what it asks you to do in the first fw quests of the tutorial was enough for me to just say “nope” and move on.

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