Space Quest IV: I’ve been slimed

(This is part of my journey playing through Space Quest IV. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

Well Roger, you dolt, you’re indirectly responsible for the apocolypse by antagonizing the one intergalactic super-villain who had the means and motive to bring about the end of Xenon.  The question is, what are you going to do about it?

Click.  I’m going to click all the things.  Let’s start with that sewer door there.

sew1The second that Roger enters the Xenon sewers, the door slams shut behind him and he’s, for better or worse, stuck there.  Gee, hope I have all of the items that I need!  I’m not sure if Space Quest IV has advanced beyond the point of providing lovely dead ends in the game, but my experiences with the first two titles have me concerned.

sew2As Roger casually strolls around the sewer, an undulating puddle of slime oozes toward him.  Might as well scoop that stuff up in case I hit a Ghostbusters convention!  I think I’ll name you Slimer Jr.

sew3The sewer portion isn’t too long, and before you know it, Roger is poking his head out of a manhole to see a mysterious ship land and little blue-and-black guys exit out.  I’m guessing this isn’t the birthday party that I ordered, either.

That’s my ticket outta this dump!

sew4Roger scurries aboard the patrol ship, and by “scurries” I mean “he slowly ambles up to the landing gear and crawls into a small compartment.”  Took me five tries to do this without getting zapped by the cops.  The ship takes off into the red sunset and goes into that massive structure that’s dominating the landscape.

sew5This here is the headquarters for the Sequel Police, and Roger overhears them saying that they just completed a scan of the Labion section of Space Quest II.  Dude, I was just there!  Like two weeks ago!  Nimbly, by which I mean “so slow you think he wanted to get shot,” Roger jumps into a time pod.

sew6Don’t know this language?  Don’t care!  Hit buttons at random!  What’s the worst that can happen when the world’s already come to such a horrible end?

This is pretty funny: I hit random gibberish and then narrator starts enthusiastically telling you about how everything is revving up and you’re going to jump into time and then… nothing happens.  The music fizzles out too.

Finally, I get a code that works!

sew7Huh… deja vu.  Something about this place that looks awfully familiar…

sew8Oh yeah!  This is the place that melts you without special underwear.  Well, drat.

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