Space Quest IV: Space Quest X

(This is part of my journey playing through Space Quest IV. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

est1Space Quest III isn’t where we want to be unless we like death, so let’s reload and punch in a few random codes.  On the third try, Roger vanishes from Space Quest XII and lands in Space Quest X: Latex Babes of Estros (a pun on Infocom’s 1986 “Leather Goddesses of Phobos” text adventure game).

est2It doesn’t take very long before Roger’s explorations of this planet are halted by Air Pterodactyl’s nonstop flight to the Nest of Doom.  While I can appreciate the detailed animations on these… cut scenes?  I guess?  I think the artist who drew them made Roger look far more dopey than he should.  Like his face is constantly melting.

est3The bad news is that Roger is in a giant bird’s nest.  The good news is that the pterodactyle also drops a member of the Sequel Police onto the nest, where he gets impaled and becomes easy to loot.  Plus, if Roger has no qualms about cannibalism, it’s a free lunch!


Dropping down from the nest, Roger finds himself in another predicament: He’s surrounded by swimsuit-clad, speargun-toting women out for his blood.  This is when you have to remember that the game was made very close to the 80s instead of 2014, although these women would probably have a job today being the poster kittens for MMO box art.est5

Play Evony, my lord!

Er… actuallly, this is Zondra and boy is she ticked at Roger!  She claims that Roger left her at the altar, something that hasn’t happened for our Roger but who knows with future Roger!  Time travel, such a headache.est6

Instead of zapping him, the ladies take him back to their underwater base where they begin to torture Roger by shaving off his leg hair.  Again, I want to point out how poorly Roger is drawn here, almost as if he’s a different character altogether.  est7

Fortunately for Roger, a giant sea slug arises from the depths and sends the girls packing.  Roger uses the chair’s pants-dissolving lazers to blast the tentacles, then tosses an oxygen tank into the creature’s mouth.  That does it and all is forgiven (by the girls, not the sea slug).  Roger is A-OK by Zondra now, although she won’t marry him.est8

Jumping back into SQXII, Vohaul’s holographic head gets confirmation that Roger is indeed time jumping.  It’s a pretty pointless scene.est9To reward Roger and reinforce all manner of stereotypes, the girls take him to the Galaxy Galleria mall.  Remember: 80s and malls were never far apart.  The girls see a sale and quickly ditch Roger, who ends up standing there in his underwear like a maroon.

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