Space Quest IV: Roller derby

(This is part of my journey playing through Space Quest IV. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

aa1Aha!  I now have the Space Quest IV hint book, which means that this game is all but won the EZ-mode way, right?  Well… not so much, since (in-game) I’m not playing Space Quest IV, but Space Quest X.  At least it’s an amusing parody of the actual hint books that Sierra would sell back then.  It was a much more expensive and less porn-ridden internet for our generation.

aa2Among the semi-amusing entries is half of a time pod code to our next location.  I assume that I’ll be combining this with the half-code I got from the dead Sequel Police’s gum wrapper from earlier.

aa3I still haven’t plundered all of the depths of the Galaxy Galleria, so Roger spends some time getting acquainted with the arcade.  While there are a lot of fun-looking games, all but one are occupied.  The empty one?  Ms. Astro Chicken!

aa4The sequel to Astro Chicken is both easier to play and more enjoyable.  Basically, you just click to move up and down as you fly (astro chickens, unlike their terrestrial cousins, can fly), as well as click to lob eggs at enemies.  It’s amusing enough and thankfully not as necessary to the plot as its ancestor was.

It was about here that I found out that the game only allows for 20 save game files, citing a lack of disc save space.  Either this game was truly progressive in having 1GB saves, or someone overlooked the march of technology when coming up with that hard limit.

aa5Uh oh, it’s the sequel police!  A new time pod appears and Roger quickly (or… slowly, since that’s how he rolls) books it out of there.

aa6Possibly sensing a police lockdown, all of the shops in the mall have closed.  Roger ducks into the center roller rink as his last and only hope.  He gets shot dead, not too surprising.  C’mon, ya janitorial meatsack.  Let’s get moving!

Evading the police by floating through the skate-o-rama is absolutely brutal and one of the more notorious parts of the game.  It’s not as if there’s a hard sequence to learn but it’s doable; because of the way that SQ4 used computers’ cpus for timing issues, it just makes it impossible to pass.  Trust me, I tried everything from slowing down the game to declocking the artificial CPU, but no matter what, I’d get shot within a couple of seconds of entering the zero G skating rink.

Eventually, I had to cheat — there was no other way — and download a saved game that got me past this section.  It really chafed to do so, so let’s just pretend that Roger used his natural dexterity to evade the sequel police and hop into their time pod.

gg1Where to next?  I think the answer might surprise you!

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