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WildStar tomorrow!

sypNo, I’m not going to be one of those people who is planning to wake up at 3am eastern to be one of the first people into WildStar.  Probably not going to be.  Probably.  I enjoy my sleep more, and I hate being groggy on a launch day.  So I’d rather sleep in a bit, wake up, and have at it.  Plus, what if you get up that early and the servers crash, or Carbine has to take the game offline for a bit, or what have you?

Apart from not really knowing what’s going on with our guild (if there will be one), I’m more or less ready.  I’m rolling a Mordesh Medic/Scientist on the Evinora server, so if you land there give Syp a hello!

My initial plans are to really take it easy, soak it in, and get used to the game.  My knowledge and experience from beta was deliberately kept limited, so as to preserve the nature of discovery.  Making money, leveling up, working on my path, and looking forward to getting my housing plot will probably constitute the “goals” of my first week in the game.

There’s the additional joy of getting to open a couple (few?) dozen boom boxes, the beta bonuses (hoverboard and costume set), and all of the goodies from the deluxe edition pre-order.  Having a “free” house and extra storage space will probably come in very handy during these first days.

Overall?  I’m just excited.  I’m not as worked up as I’ve gotten for some other launches, mostly because I’ve put a tight lid on thinking about WildStar too much and have filled my gaming hours with other pursuits.  But come the game’s start, I’m giving myself permission to dive in deep.  I hope it’ll be great.  I trust that the good will vastly outweigh the bad.  I’m not expecting WoW 2, but I am depending on a solid-to-exceptional title that will reveal itself to be a wealth of story, experiences, and fun systems.  It’s going to be goofy and colorful — and it’ll be mine to plunder.

5 thoughts on “WildStar tomorrow!

  1. For some reason, this gives me the most optimistic “feels” for Wildstar out of everything I’ve read… and even a bit of nostalgia for my admittedly limited beta time with Wildstar. Now if $60 were to fall from the sky, I would actually be tempted to jump in 😉

    Maybe it’s just that I’m finally starting to feel better after a week of stomach trouble…

  2. Me too. Definitely not gonna wake up early for this. Although, if I were already up anyways for some reason…

  3. I too avoided learning too much in beta. I’m desperately hoping for a bit of the AC-era vibe. Though I’m not sure I’d let myself get truly hooked again.

    I got out of town Monday morning for an entire week. I’m hoping I can get a little time in on Saturday and Sunday.. and maybe stumble into a guild that won’t care that I immediately disappear for a week.

    plz be up for a bit, servers!

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